Role play: You are Sylvan Adams

Imagine you are Sylvan Adams. You have inherited a team from Katusha and now you have secured one of the biggest names in the sport for next year. Which riders would you be looking to recruit? Those who are realistically available this year or next - no fantasy signings.
A lot of Ineos contracts are in-line with Froome's ending this year. I'd begin approaching these riders.


If I were Frome, I would be asking Knees, Tao, Ganna, Navarez, Moscon & Sivakov
Also I think Israel have their people for the flat, with Politt and Brändle especially. They just really lack people for the mountains. Dan Martin, okay, but he does not look the Martin he once was. There are a few guys, but if you want to compete with Ineos and TVJ as it is now...

I would go for not too old mountain guys / allrounders who can also do something in the classics, in case plan Froome does not work out and they are in need of immediate points. Then in my opinion they should also look for young guys who they can build up for the after-Froome years.
Why do you expect Politt to leave? Has he said something?
Just rumours. His contract is up and he was already in close talks last year (think Deceuninck/Movistar were both interested) before Israel took over his contract. Also, as with a lot of new teams, things aren't running perfect at Israel with riders not having TT bikes at home. Zabel said he hasn't trained on a TT bike the whole year. And with Politt being a good ITTer it's not ideal.
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