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Scheldeprijs (1.HC), April 5th, 2017, 202 km

To borrow a line from burning, it is time for The Official Best Race In The World®



Startlist: http://www.scheldeprijs.be/sites/default/files/pdf/download_file.pdf

Some inspirational quotes:
Libertine Seguros said:
There aren't worse races than Scheldeprijs. That race literally only exists to injure people. You could have a better event by holding a prize draw where the first ten riders whose race numbers are pulled out of a hat get their collarbones snapped, and the remainder then hold a 100 meter drag race.
Libertine Seguros said:
In the name of God, Allah, and all that is holy in all religions including all nine million deities of Shinto, couldn't you have censored the title? Normally this forum isn't NSFW, and I nearly had a coronary when I saw this!

You could have a better race by lining up 200 riders, karate chopping through the collarbones of 20 selected at random, and then having a 1km race between the other 180.

This race basically only exists to injure people.
Libertine Seguros said:
jens_attacks said:
don't expect a lot of updates here tomorrow. only libertine will post some sweet words about the action

Afraid I'll be distracted by the International Paint Drying from Longyearbyen and won't be able to find the time to watch this most prestigious of classics.
BeagRigh said:

Profile: _____________________crash__sprint :eek:

Finally, some images of what we can all expect to see tomorrow:



Jun 30, 2014
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It's a demolition derby on roadbikes.
Watching this race is a bit like watching Nascar, most people just watch it for the crashes.
Will Scheldemerckx get his 5th win?
Re: Re:

Netserk said:
Max Rockatansky said:
Nico Denz described it as a race, that is just on the calendar and nobody likes. It is only there for the legs not to go dead before Roubaix.
Hasn't it only been before Roubaix since 2010? Or has it been so a long time ago as well?

It used to be after Roubaix before then.

I remember in 2005 or 2006 Quick step were absolute shite in Roubaix, Boonen was alone for the last 80 kms there so as punishment they were all forced to go full gas from the start in Scheldeprijs. Only about 20 guys managed to finish that year.
So this race is actually taking place now, believe it or not.

There is a group of 7 lads up the road. They are just over 3 minutes ahead with around 110km remaining. It is a very unremarkable break.

Pim Ligthart
Roompot - Nederlandse Loterij

Marco Mathis

Christophe Premont
Veranda's Willems Crelan

Stijn Steels
Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise

Frederik Veuchelen
Wanty - Groupe Gobert

Eugert Zhupa
Wilier Triestina

Julien Stassen
WB Veranclassic Aqua Protect