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Schumacher sued?

Jul 8, 2010
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From excellent German Radsport-News:

Summarised, Schumacher was banned for being caught twice with EPO (Tour de FRance 2008 and BeijingOlympics).

Gerolsteiner claimed 150,000 euros salary back (JUly-aug-sep), hence his annual salary must have been around 600,000 per year, but Holczer never got them.

Now, where Schumacher's ban is over, a German "prosecutor"? wants to restart the court case on the damages.

Last thing I don't quite understand: although he was caught, he always denied it, and CAs reduced the ban by 4 months.

Explanations welcome.
May 26, 2010
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Stuttgart - Next act in Stefan Schumacher doping case: The court in Stuttgart ruled that a trial will be opened. This provides for the first time in Germany a doping offenders to court for fraud - with an uncertain outcome for the cyclist.

This is due to the Stuttgart prosecutor who accuses him of fraud. Schumacher was caught at the 2008 Tour de France and the Olympic Games in Beijing with the blood doping agent Cera. This was announced in October 2008. The prosecution is about 150,000 euros - that is the sum of Nürtingen in the three months intervening from his employer, Mr. Berger has collected Gerolsteiner team, ". His payment based on deception, therefore, a financial loss incurred"

Sep 9, 2010
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My understanding of the story is that Schumacher is not being sued. He is possibly going to be prosecuted for fraud. This would be a criminal trial, rather than a civil case.

Therefore, if Gerolsteiner, CAS, WADA, UCI or whoever are involved, it will be as witnesses in the case. The German state will be the person pursuing Schumacher.