Searching for National Team Czeska

Apr 29, 2009
we are from federal agency of nature germany and we will start in august an bicycle tour through 6 countries. We are searching for 4 persons (3men, 1 woman) wants to participate in Europe’s greatest multi-day outdoor sports event.
For 12 days we will offer thrilling outdoor sport activities along the most beautiful regions of the “Green Belt”, which is referred to as the “Death Strip”, between Eastern and Western Europe.
You will start in Sopron, Hungary and after covering a distance of some 1600 km you will reach the finish line in Strasbourg, the home of the European Parliament.
Saving the best for last: You don’t have to pay one cent! You will be provided with free board and lodging.
Please look on our page
Thank you very much
Thomas Gemein
Mar 18, 2009
I have to agree - looks like an awesome event and opportunity. Have to read and investigate the finer details