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Teams & Riders Sepp Kuss is the next Sepp Kuss thread

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View: https://twitter.com/seppkuss/status/1706940965284389279

@Libertine Seguros
Part-time professional traceur now!

View: https://twitter.com/ammattipyoraily/status/1762916359757770872
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If CN members were secretly pro riders (I have been alleged to be Petacchi), then Libertine is 100% Sepp Kuss.

The stronger they'll deny it the more I'll believe it.
Some secret pros conspiracies;
Myself - Cavendish
@Netserk - Boonen
@CyclistAbi - Roglic
@Logic-is-your-friend - Van Wilder
@Berniece - Evenepoel
I don’t remember the username but the one last year people were saying was Broccoli Dwarf - Vingegaard
@RedheadDane - Pedersen
@Tonton - Pinot
The poster that started Nizzolo’s thread - Nizzolo
@Ilmaestro99 - TGFM
@jmdirt - Philipsen
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Presumably vismas #1 for GTs this year. What can we green from Kuss’s early season form? Feels like he is around for most of the races but fades at the end. And he’s done a decent amount of race days.

Three GTs last year taking its toll this year? Hiding his form?
He’s just better on GTs. He’ll start to wake up when it’s time. Not sure how he’ll do as a marked rider though.