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Jun 9, 2009
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The travel of the FD is controlled by the lever. If your FD is not damaged, it will likely not need to be replaced. If the spacing between the ultegra chainrings and the 105 chainreings is different, then you will likey need a new lever. I don't know if they are.

I would call the best mechanic in your town and get his advice, or visit him in the shop where he works. Mechanics are likely to share such knowledge for a six-pack of premium beer. It is good to make relations with such experts.
joebloebloe said:
why not just replace the chainring instead of the entire crank set?

I just got the bike in August last year and as I was new to cycling I got talked into a triple crank. This turned out to be unnecessary after the first two months on the bike. I've been looking to upgrade parts and I found a great deal on an Ultegra compact crank so I took it.

To be honest, I also didn't even consider just replacing the chain ring. I saw a chance to upgrade and got excited.
US Patent Exploding Cyclist said:
I have a full 105 gruppo and need a new crank. Two teeth snapped off the big ring today, long story.

Anyway, I wanted to know if I get an Ultegra crank and FD, do I need to get anything else?



Why not just buy a chainring?

If ya get the ultegra crank, don't need a FD as long as they are both doubles or triples.