Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to 4 years in jail milestone preparing Obama sentenced

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Oct 17, 2012
Illuminati theater in Italy: Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to 4 years in jail milestone
Using the safety valve psy-op technique, illuminati release Ocotber 26 a milestone joke: "Berlusconi sentenced to jail" act. (1)
Good old Silvio Berlusconi is once again used to be the star of an illuminati joke used as milestone: "first time illuminati jail a former illuminati prime minister or president".
The most famous one involves three milestones in one act: photographed as "first illuminati prime minister stripped with erected penis + during sex orgy + with minors". (2)
If you are not a beast and you do not yet know the basics then get it, so that you will never ever click anymore "news" about "Illuminati sentence illuminati member to jail" or "privacy of illuminati member violated". (3)

The "Berlusconi sentenced to 4 years in jail" milestone joke is staged:
- days after another milestone joke, "coincidentally" released also in Italy and "coincidentally" also of the "illuminati jailing" type: "scientists jailed for something they are not able to do": "six years in jail for not predicting earthquake". (4)
- days before "Obama sentenced". But berlusconi does not steal that milestone from fake suicide "Obomber".
Reminder: "Obama" milestone will be "first illuminati former president or prime minister sentenced to DEATH" (by SCOTUS). (5) The official act was started October 24th 2012 by Donald Trump. as explained by Last Prophet May 2009. (6)
And what do Berlusconi and "Obama", from fake jailings and fake privacy violations to fake death sentences, have to do with and Prince William and JFK Je, two of the last people living in Illuminatziland s who refused the Mark of the Beast? (7)


(1) Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to 4 years in jail for tax fraud, 2012, October 26:

(2) Silvio Berlusconi's penis erection photo - real story exposed worldwide first by Matt Marriott, 2009 June:

(3) Illuminati in Jail - Typology - 3 basic types: Yulia Timoschenko, ***** Riot, Madoff

(4) Earthquake Scientists Jailed Over 'Inexact' Statements Preceding 2009 L'Aquila Quake (VIDEO), October 22, 2012:

(5) OCTOBER 2008 SURPRISE ** minor and ** MAJOR ** change in 2012 illuminati script, 13th October 2012.
Hillary Clinton proclaimed 44th president and successor of GW Bush, as explained 2007 by Last Prophet.
"Obama" stripped as president instead of impeached as senator.
Supervised ethnic civil war with actor "Obama" sentenced to "death" by Supreme Court calling the black to "resist", as as explained 2009 by Last Prophet.

(6) Donald Trump's role in the "Obama stripped and sentenced to death by SCOTUS" script revealed 2009, 24 October 2012:

(7) Black sheep William and JFK Jr refused the mark of the Beast as explained by Last Prophet 2001. Prince Harry and Caroline Kennedy accepted it.
The first page worldwide to expose the FULL STORY of "Kate topless photos", by Matt Marriott
This verdict coincides with his recent announcement that he won't be offering his candidacy for the prime ministry, the first time in 20 years.

He descended into politics (after Craxi's fall and Tangentopoli - "kick-back city" in 92) and then used his political majority in parliament as a shield for his many dubious and, at times, criminal business practices, voting is it did numerous laws ad personam to fuddle up the court's ability to condemn him.

The timing of this verdict is hence predictable and, as such, Berlusconi has immediately gone on the attack calling it "politically motivated." The irony is that he politicized the whole public opinion forum for 20 years, with his media empire to style the Italian legal magistrates as a cove of 'commies' out to lynch an innocent business man who only had the objective of "reforming Italy."

The shield has come down, but he won't do any time that's for sure.

There are three grades of justice in the Italian court system, so he will go to appeal and then a second one if necessary, by which time so much money will have been spent and so much politicking too that he will undoubtedly walk.

Consequently the verdict is purely symbolic from the magistracies point of view, as they have been at bitter odds with the Berlusconi armada for decades and in the moment of his exit have inflicted a colpo di coda ‘whisk of the tail.’

Unfortunately this should have been done years ago and for the wellbeing of Italy. Berslusconi says this is what happens when the criminal process is distorted by a 'judicial bias,' without considering, however, the political bias his regime held over Italy's democracy as enshrined by his electoral majority. Democracy, let's not forget, is also this.
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