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spain is still in 1998

Jul 16, 2009
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Below is a google translation of Dr Losa's mess. (did he not feck up david miller in '04 and still gets his hands on young bikers!)

In the summer of 2008 in the Tour and the Olympics, two cyclists who had tested positive for EPO, Moises Duenas and Maribel Moreno, confessed to the police, mobilized to enforce the law penalizing the Spanish doping, which your doctor was Jesus Losa. "Then they started up the mechanisms of rule of law, which worked flawlessly," said Secretary of State for Sports and father of the law, Jaime Lissavetzky.

Also a leak then put on alert the doctor, who practices in Valladolid and immediately became the most cautious person in the world. Both the police could barely mouthing a juicy slab SMS exchange with customers, but no substantial evidence. Whether that last May Valladolid Judge had ordered an investigation that temporarily dismissed the indictment, as reported in this week's edition of the magazine Interviu, who has had access to the list and published some extracts from it.

Duenas, who by their collaboration with the research received a reduced sanction of one year and has already returned to the squad, told police that in 2008 he paid 6,000 euros to Losa, plus bonuses for goals, and that in his clinic in Valladolid , Losa, who from his private practice work at the Regional Center of Sports Medicine, the Junta de Castilla y León, hid behind a green curtain to prepare a needle that the cyclist did not know what they contained. For the Tour gave him a bottle of pills of DHEA, a precursor of testosterone.

The SMS exchange is performed with riders like Mancebo, already implicated in Operation Puerto, and others who have never tested positive, as Dani Moreno, Luis Leon Sanchez, Alexander Kolobnev and Luis Maté.
Jun 27, 2009
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Here we go again...

This could be a big one. It seems this doctor got around.

If Mancebo is really involved in this I look forward to Michael Ball's press statement.
The entire "behind the curtain" injection thing...may sound silly...but it's how some of the docs stay in business. By denying the less-informed, less-wealthy riders information about their doping programs, the docs keep them hooked and desperate to continue the treatment if it's working. Since the rider doesn't know what he's putting into his body, even though he'd like to know, he continues paying the $$$ - whereas otherwise he might try to save the 6000 euros and just buy the EPO himself. I remember one ex-Kelme rider telling me how he planned to augment his income by doing just this...but he wasn't even a doctor! Holy smokes.