Spin class - monitoring performance

Dec 29, 2019
Hi there
I do a lot of spin classes and just got a heart monitor. What app do you recommend I use to monitor my performance in my classes please? I want one that records live data so I can use it to tweak my exertion levels during the class. Prob wouldn’t use it for anything else. Thanks!
Jan 21, 2020
Is it just for heart rate? I would just google heart rate monitor app to find one. Without knowing if you're using an iPhone or Android. It's hard to recommend one. If it's a watch heart rate monitor you could just use something like Google Fit. You can start an exercise and set it to a certain length of time and it will record your heart rate.

Personally I'm really curious about the bicycles in these classes and if they broadcast sensor data. I'm developing an app myself and using it to record data for comparison. In order to get data from a bicycle I had to buy a special Garmin speed sensor which broadcasts that in a very specific way. What I'm curious to find out if the bicycles in gyms that have bluetooth also broadcast in this way.
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