Sports books

I could not find a thread dedicated to sports books in general and did not want to put this into the cycling books thread.
I'm very interested in this topic, I have written some stuff myself (like a theater play that was hated by the actors :(), and I'm still working on my novel about a swimmer, but... I have such difficulties finding sports books that I like. I LOVE Krabbés De renner, not because it's about cycling, but because it's such a good book, not exactly avantgarde, but elegantly written, funny, suspenseful. Then there's Fever Pitch, which I liked, but I regard that as a psychoanalysis of an Arsenal fan (or maybe fandom in general), not as a sports book. Everyone tells me The Art of Fielding is so good, but I tried to read it and found it... incredibly boring (okay, in addition I'm totally not into baseball) and certainly not about the sport itself.
In fact there seem to be two kinds of "sports books": a) Sports is used as a background, but really it's a love story, crime story, history of America, whatever..., b) it's really about sports, but it's more of a documentation, not a novel you can love. Okay, maaaybe I could add Leann Shapton's Swimming studies... but not really.

So... do you know sports books, cycling or whatever, that actually capture the fascination of a sport and the movement and are great novels at the same time?