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By "alliance" you mean you are actually the most nationalistic of them all!

I like it when the Danes win!
I also like when the French win. And the Belgians win, and the Slovenians win, and the Dutch win, and the Germans win, and the Italians win, and the Spanish win, and the Colombians win, and the Any-Other-Nationalities win.
I'm not so sure about the Norwegians. Except Laengen and Wærenskjold; I like it when they win! :D
Happy St. Patrick’s day weekend. It’s a 3 day holy day. I feel the forum has got into the swing of things. Yesterday, after two days on the batter, with Ireland winning the grand slam and MVDP’s tko, the euphoria was electric. We had one or two patrons who got a bit rowdy and had to be told to sleep it off but as a whole the forum conducted itself with good cheer and pathos (a rip-roaring Saturday night). Today is a day of recovery.
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I think we can say that just like the riders themselves, the Evendepoel and Roglic fanboys are peaking too soon, doing absolutely ridiculous numbers in March still 6 weeks from il Giro. Thermonuclear posting. They go away to training camp and dissaper offline for months and then come down for Catalunya and nobody can keep up
As ridiculous as it looked it was only one sprint, though. If they keep it up during the mountains, that's when we should start questioning their peaking.
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Serious talk!
Has anyone considered the possibility that some people might be using mechanical doping? Speeding up their posting by using some speech-to-text program.
This seems like something that should require a TUE.
A serious sky supporter does this. While he has never admitted to having a tue himself, he powered out approximately one billion posts about the tue system.