State of the forum 2024

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A couple of insignificant others (Yates and Sivakov) out with the dreaded C. Now neither of them were within an ass's roar of contesting the vuelta. Still, we've had an amphetamine level of bitching about their withdrawals.
It's unlikely that a top gc rider could win a grand tour with Covid. The end.
Another asterisked win for Evenpoel, again he is only winning big race because of lack of opponents. Looking forward to debates between RedRick and Logic is your friend in the coming weeks
So the new drug in the peloton is causing burn out. Pog and Vinnie are suffering from chronic fatty gay. The giro heroes are shadows of their former selves. It's looking like one big peak and then fit for the scrap heap till next season.
Meanwhile the forum seems to be suffering from burnout also. Apart from a few season ticket holders, there's very little participation. The whinefest about Remco and Roglic is all that's keeping the forum ticking over. We've said goodbye to the members who come out of the woodwork for the Tour. They must plan their season for a massive post count during the Tour. They know they'll suffer from burnout after and all they're fit for is practising one liners in front of the mirror. See you next July.
I'm holding a bit in reserve myself and planning a monster peak for Lombardia (the old dog for the hard road).
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