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There was no Stephen Williams thread yet, surprisingly, so I made one. He has been really consistently good this year, but he's been around for a while, being a pro cyclist from 2016, but he's had a revival of sorts lately.



Great performances in this year's races, especially compared to his previous years. He's been on Bahrain team for a long time before switching to his current team. He came to my attention during the Arctic race of Norway last year, and this year he already won Tour Down Under in a big style. And obviously today winning Fleche Wallonne classic, which means he now needs a thread. He reminds me of prime Dan Martin, a man who can do a fast uphill sprint.
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He is too attacking for his own good sometimes when he has good legs. Tour of Britain last year and even some of the recent races like GP Miguel Indurain he has made big accelerations and attacks which have ending up costing him. Nearly happened today as well with his attack on penultimate Mur de Huy.

If not for a big crash at the start of Giro last year I suspect he would've made his name a little sooner. Also had injury issues earlier in career. Was anonymous at the start of last year and looked like a bad signing but since Eschborn Frankfurt he has been very good in nearly every race he has done.
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