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Straydog's "A" Positive... Vows Clean Comeback

A message from a fellow member in Exile:

I was informed on the 4th of August, that following analysis of "A" sample post, by the Moderators, I was found to have committed an infraction in contravention of Forum rules, regarding "dirty" links, and was being suspended forthwith. I have asked for my "B" sample post to be analysed, and am awaiting to see whether it confirms the infraction.

If my suspension is upheld, I will accept and serve my ban.

Firstly, I apologise to my fellow posters and to all my friends (well, DurianRider and TFF).

To those who question how often I was actually posting "clean", I can only say it was just that one time. I had thought about it before, yes, but I had never taken the step. Increasingly I felt I couldn't compete without being "dirty". I felt peer pressure. I was curious. I wasn't even sure if the link was on a banned list. But never the less, I accept full responsibility for my actions. And when I return, I shall do everything I can to exhibit my cleanliness and to promote clean posting. I will be clean, but hopefully still mean.

Jun 19, 2009
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Hugh Januss said:
Really? Straydog was sent to the penalty box huh? I didn't even miss him.:p

I wondered why the buzzing in my head stopped. That guy launched more threads per second than a spider on...testosterone...er I meant Armstrong's blood.
Jul 27, 2010
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Alpe d'Huez said:
He posted a link to pornography, with an insult attached to it.

It was discussed about him being banned permanently for this, but we decided against that, and his suspension will be up after the Worlds.

How was it an insult? I said he looked buff!:D