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Summer Games Paris 2024

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Team GB team
Men’s BMX Freestyle Park
Kieran Reilly

Women’s BMX Freestyle Park
Charlotte Worthington

Men’s BMX Racing
Kye Whyte
Ross Cullen (travelling reserve)

Women’s BMX Racing
Beth Shriever
Emily Hutt (travelling reserve)

Women’s road
Lizzie Deignan
Pfeiffer Georgi
Anna Henderson (TT/RR)
Anna Morris

Women’s track endurance
Elinor Barker
Neah Evans
Josie Knight
Anna Morris
Jess Roberts
Meg Barker (travelling reserve)

Men’s mountain bike
Charlie Aldridge
Tom Pidcock

Women’s mountain bike
Ella Maclean-Howell
Evie Richards

Men’s road
Ethan Hayter (TT)
Tom Pidcock
Josh Tarling (TT/RR)
Stevie Williams
Fred Wright

Men’s track endurance
Dan Bigham
Ethan Hayter
Charlie Tanfield
Ethan Vernon
Ollie Wood
Mark Stewart (travelling reserve)

Men's track sprint
Jack Carlin
Ed Lowe
Hamish Turnbull
Joe Truman (travelling reserve)

Women’s track sprint
Sophie Capewell
Emma Finucane
Katy Marchant
Lowri Thomas (travelling reserve)

Was there some rule the road team picks also had to compete as track team ?

Ethan Hayter might make some sense, but Anna Morris ?? who has never ridden a world tour level race stage, pcs isn't necessarily so reliable on lower level race appearances which maybe one offs, but not exactly sure what the thinking is there, and why didnt they chuck her in nationals if she was their pick 🤔
Totally prioritising team pursuit to ensure able to take a reserve.
Ironically all the other pursuiters have much more experience and proven ability on the road.
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