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Selfie from me working to prove how Emilia means Pogacar is totally gonna lose Lombardia to Rog this time


That is how JV camp looked each time before sending Rogla to the Tour. Instead of just going with the straight line. And this is how UAE camp looks like. Each time before Emilia.
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I would not read too much into these races as Lombardy’s extra distance and parcours plays into his hand but it is the end of a long season and would not be surprised to see him falling short on Saturday- he does have an excellent team on paper though
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Pogačar broke his record from 2021 on Ganda today on recon by 8 seconds, you all know what that means, and that is doctor Tadej preparing therapy for his patients tomorrow

Pog will be strong but it's one thing to beat a record in a standalone, high-intensity effort and it's another thing to ride it after 200 km of racing (ok, maybe Pog did a long training ride before but still it's hard to simulate racing intensity).
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Jul 30, 2023
Yes, but Pogacar didn't drive the first 143 km today on recon, ask yourself how much energy (glycogen) he will use on Saturday for those 143 km, almost 0, if someone comes fresh to the foot of Ganda, then it's Pogacar, here's a forecast for tomorrow, Pogacar solo, 22:20 KOM on Ganda
Maybe wasn't the strongest today, but took his moment, and off he was. Vlasov leaving the gap, Roglic and Bagioli trying to let others do the work, that was it. Great Pogacar!
Van der Poel rider of the season, but Pogacar still is the best rider.
I'd comfortably pick Pogi over Mathieu this season after Lombardia. Van der Poel has done *** all outside his 3 big wins compared to Pog's 2 monuments - Paris-Nice (3 stages), Amstel, Fléche, 2 stage and 2nd in TdF.

Not close IMO