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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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I have no patience whatsoever for people who gauge the quality of this Giro with the lack of attacks by Pogacar. Newsflash: he is not there to entertain you.

That being said, the same goes for fans that can only appreciate cycling when it's filled with the drama of a Hollywood blockbuster. You have to do your homework in order to learn how to appreciate GT, just as if you go to the Louvre and don't know anything about painting you will come out from there stating that The Avengers are much more entertaining.
Sports are primarily about entertainment, no?
Not long range in the proper sense, but in Prati di Tivo he was uncharacteristically conservative. Also some people expected an attack on the white roads, but i agree on that beeing unrealistic, as the stage was way to easy
He had already taken time in the TT and it wasnt much more he could gain from a big attack. It would have been pretty unwise. Not the hardest of climb and it was a good stage to use his team. Claim the victory.

It was only like 13km of white roads... again unrealistic expectations and stupidity, as you also see.

With +3 minutes there is no need for a long ranger anymore, but maybe he wants to make a statement tomorrow or on the Monte Grappa stage. It would very much be for the fans in that case, because tactically he doesnt need to.

The others racing so defensively and not being close to the same level is the most deciding factor here. It kills the "entertainment" and most GTs are like this. People always build it up too much in their heads. Most people on here have seen close to +60 GTs or some even +100 probably. A majority of GTs goes like this and especially when someone is much better than everyone else.
Honestly kind of a boring Giro from him. Easily winning, being a class and a half above everyone else all the time, but never having completely insane performances.

Today he was really, really good, but realistically in these kind of TTs he's just not the top dog. And when he faces one of those top tier TTers in great shape, like he did today, 2nd is the best he can get. Still, he has almost 4 minutes and already 3 stage wins with 7 stages to go. Realistically this Giro is going really well for him.
Lmao, people really read this comment and started a two page discussion about unfair criticism of Pogacar. I made the most bland f*cking take possible and people are losing their minds over it.
Sports are primarily about entertainment, no?
Sports are primarily about entertainment, the athletes job is not to entertain you.

EDIT: Great timing: I'm watching an interview with Ryan Villopoto, and he said "It was my job to race a dirt bike, I was paid to win races, hopefully fans found that entertaining."

RV=10 pro motocross/supercross titles, 83 pro wins.
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Great performance today on ITT.

As for the debate about "boring", having live through Giro 2023, when some fans constantly complained about the race being boring, so much that by the time it became one for the ages, their head was already too much up their ...

Let me remind some that peloton tided Pogi balls on the seat post, for breakaway to get a chance. How can this be boring i ask you.

And tomorrow, on the stage 15, Pogi might even stomp.
This has been one of the best Giros in recent years, you're all tripping. The only two genuinely and stages have been Stages 8 and 10. Stages 1 through 7 were all entertaining, Stage 9 was very fun, Stage 12 also excellent, yesterday better than normal, too.
Many of the boring comments appear to be blaming race design and Pogacar for knowing how to race his bicycle. Everyone had the same fresh legs,full squads in the early days. UAE created pressure and pushed. Pogacar got double the satisfaction w stage victories and the time associated with winning. Since then he and the team done standard stuff like racing near the front out of trouble and using radio and team car and structure to never allow anything, anyone possibly threatening to roll off the front. Polti appear to be only team that don't consider themselves equal w world tour level teams and are racing accordingly. They are getting hours of camera time, Italian fans seeing Italian riders off the front, beating UAE,Pogacar and the rest at some time during the race. Hearing Thomas post race interviews about " GC guys" and where they are, who cares!!? Some team needs to go all or nothing and try and put pressure on someone, maybe Pogacar. Everyone taking their cues off Pog is sort of silly, if you ride next to him the entire race it's a predictable outcome, so I personally don't care who sits in and finishes top 5 or 10, would much rather see some kind of suicide mission and at least try and challenge him and win. All this racing smart stuff is too predictable. People writing that it's Pogacar's fault that no-one will attack him or the race accept for Alaphilpe and conti teams, only people willing to gamble. No Ineos, riding in the crosswind for @5-8 minutes is not gambling
I think his ITTs were pretty much in line with what weve seen before from him. He just doesnt do that many of them in great shape somehow.

If there is a better level for him it has to happen at the Tour

Pogacar in top form is a monster on TTs up to about 50 kph of average speed (which indicates rolling course, or partially flat / partially hilly). The first part of today's TT was more or less like that (but the second was less favourable), also the first ITT of this Giro and the first ITT of the Tour in 2021 were like that. He isn't a master of CdA (miner style according to Dumo) nor the most powerful guy in absolute terms so on faster courses he starts losing time to the best of the best.
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