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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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One week is low?? He has been softpedalling the entire third week and people seem to forget he didn't make a normal altitude camp before the Giro. This dude is fresh as a daisy, he can still implode but he will fire in all cylinders in Tour's first week.
It’s the 3rd week of the Tour that matters. But even with his dominance this Giro he does not seem to have been pushed much. He is cruising and several times seems to have chosen to hold back when he might have attacked? Maybe more mental fatigue than physical?
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pog strongest mentally by far in peleton,hell recover easy.pogacar is perfect rider for doing extreme efforts and his biggets strenght is his mind.he is literally the one,who should be pushing himself.if kuss and jonas can do it,than pog can do altitude camp between gts to reach absolute peak.not worried at all.
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novak in interview lowkey dissing san milan.i need to suffer in training,not ride 5 hours aimlessly,lmao.said also,alttitude doesnot work for him at all.
I mean, it totally comes down to what part of the season we're talking about and not everyone can handle intensity at altitude well. The whole more intensity vs more volume in training seems to be a really individual thing, some people respond to one thing much better than the other and vice versa.