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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Thanks. Maybe don't like altitude training.
It's not about like or not altitude training, except if your name is Pedersen. It's about the benefits of the altitude.

There is riders who can't benefit from altitude because they're body doesn't responde well to the effects of the altitude.

That's why not every rider do altitude training camps, or other riders do more time in altitude because they benefit more from the effects of altitude.
Oct 3, 2019
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The usual pre race BS, on where everybody is supposedly better than Rogla. And on how UAE will take first 8 spots in GC. I guess just like JV did, when they still were a level above the rest.
The messages of how weak vingegaard is seem to primarily be coming from Velo news and American writers who want the Americans on the team to take the lead of the team. I think all being equal atleast Pog doesn’t do as well in the huge mountains as vingegaard although he may be better now than Roglic at climbing although it might be very close. Roglic has crashed so many times we haven’t seen them one on one in the mountains in several years proper.
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So Pogi won't sue the fan and at the football match in between Slovenia and Denmark he appeared on the big screen saying Kdor ne skače, ni Sloven'c.
No way? Was he really put on the screen during the game or are you joking ? Regarding the camp their on anyone know since their all there besides Politt, is anyone there planning to do the nationals I know Pogacar wont but the rest there? I just guess i wonder how Pogacar and they are planning on staying at altitude.
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