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Looks better than Bernal two years ago.
Way better. There are no weaknesses. Winning flat TTs (and demolishing MTF TTs), toying with everyone in mountains, outsprinting Ala in reduced field sprint, outkicking Roglic on hill sprints. All that in a span of a few months.

His Vuelta is still in the air, but if he goes there and actually wins against rested Bernal and Roglic. Ow dear lord, have mercy on us.
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"seems to be" is what I said. That leaves room for different scenarios. There was plenty of guesswork involved, yes, too much - I'll give you that, but that it's a wasted spot is pretty much a given considering his injuries. (If the goal is a medal.) That's a safe assumption IMO
Roglič was only 44s down on Pog in TdF TT with massive injuries. Not to mention Pog just completed full TdF while Roglič was resting.

Also Pog will get his chance at least 2 times. It's the last chance for Rog.

They also know best what is an injury status for Rog and what is a plan for a road race.
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For me, one of the most puzzling things about Pogacar is his physique. Compared to his compitors and champions of the past, he just doesn't look like someone who could motor on TT's and outclimb the field. If you were to show me pictures of the top 20 with their identities masked, I'd never pick him out as the best. It's not that he looks out of shape or something--just not exceptional.
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