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It's about time we address Pogacars remarkable rise since he joined UAE in 2019.

His first season as a junior wasn't anything special, but we have to remember that he was born later in year (September) which is a disadvantage at that age.
In his second season he definitely proved his talent by winning the Giro della Lunigiana.
However, in the entire season he only won two stages and never put any distance on his competitors.
His time trial abilities were less impressive. A 25th and 68th spot.

His first season as a U23 rider wasn't too great either.
He won a few youth jerseys, but didn't record a single stage win.

His second season was definitely better, but still hit and miss.
He won the Tour de l'Avenir, but didn't record a stage win.
He also finished 7th at the WC road race.
Promising, but not exceptional.

Then he moved to UAE. Its CEO is Mauro Gianetti, possibly the dirtiest rider and sports director in history.
Suddenly he started to win stage races (Algarve, California, and individual mountain stages in the Vuelta against the likes of Valverde and Roglic.
He also became a much better time trialist beating Mohoric and Tratnik in the Slovenian championship.

Give me a break.
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Pogacar just raced like crazy for three weeks...then has that acceleration at the line to almost beat van Aert? C'mon now. Is this guy a climber? A sprinter? Or...
I agree with you what you're saying. I wanted to add, however, that there are a number of lightweights (Tadej, Tom P) who seem to sit on van Aert's wheel on the sprint, which of course is to their advantage. Does not change the fact that they seem to be world beating at everything.
Pogacar just raced like crazy for three weeks...then has that acceleration at the line to almost beat van Aert? C'mon now. Is this guy a climber? A sprinter? Or...
Exactly ? He continues to his "not normal" performances and may very well win the next 3 tours in a row and then go into oblivion like Indurain, because there is no David Walsh type of reporter anymore.
Riders who could climb, TT, and sprint.
Zabel (OK maybe not a good example for the point I'm trying to make)
Lots more but mostly that vintage.
Are we really seeing more doping or less?
Aren't we just listing good riders who weren't one-dimensional pure climbers or pure sprinters?

Pantani at one end, Cavendish at the other - the likes of Merckx, Lemond, Armstrong, Hinault (and now Pogacar) somewhere in the middle.
They didn't do the 11km route today, they did
I admire Evenepoel, but I don't have a problem with fair competition. I don't like cheating though. When I look at Evenepoel or MvdP, I see consistency from their junior days until today. I can accept Roglic superiority in 2019, Rohan Dennis' domination in the WC time trials, because I don't see anything wrong with it.

I can't accept the dirtiest manager in cycling screwing the sport up again and it's unacceptable to me that people like Gianetti are welcomed back. The strongest cheating indicator are the climbing times and we should be alarmed when a 21 year old weighing 66 kg blows away the best climbers in the world on a 4 km stretch.
This is not normal:
I'd take the climbing records times with a pinch of salt. They approached it differently this year. This year the total climbing distance was certainly not the 11.7km claimed there, it was only 9.6km. When Vino did it in 2003 it was 13km. Even if that's all just typos and they timed from the same ending km on the climb, the riders have already climbed different distances before the timer started anyway.
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The reasons to be sceptical are very simple.
Stop. Most times many people in the Clinic - and here on this thread - go beyond scepticism and trade in pure, unadulterated cynicism. I'm all for scepticism, it's the cynicism that's the problem, cause there's no discussion with cynics, their minds are made up and not for changing. Sceptics at least have an open mind and change with the facts, rather than just changing, or ignoring, the facts.
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It's funny. After years of people saying that Froome is a doper as a guy out of Africa didn't show his results early. The same people are stunned that some with all the coaching from a young age is suspicious because he wins at 21 but didn't win everything at 18.

Maybe in future we can pick dopers as to when they get rid of their stabilisers.
For me Slovenia is South-Eastern Europe.
I don't know why this is important for the clinic, but that's the way it is for me. Same as Albania. Greece is southern Europe.
I don't think there is a clear definition for that.

Okay, I looked it up at German wiki and there seem to be several ideas about that, but you can see the map here, which is a proposition by the "Ständiger Ausschuss für geographische Namen"
(Standing Committee on Geographical Names):
It says Slovenia is Middle Europe but they also say Poland and Hungary are, and in my opinion those are clearly Eastern Europe.

Thinking about it, there is only one country for me that's Western Europe, and that's France. :D
Apr 14, 2021
Technically that's correct, although Yugoslavia was briefly a Soviet state until it detached in 1948. However its persistence with communism, albeit not Soviet communism, maintained its perception as an Eastern European region.
Yugoslavia was never Soviet state, not even close to being one. And it was socialism not communism - of course socialism is much closer to communism than capitalism so that’s a bit of a nitpicking. But the first one is waaaay off :)
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