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Tadej Pogacar - Vuelta 2019 revelation

I know a lot of you guys saw a lot of potential even back in 2017-2018.

But for me, the true revelation was at the Vuelta 2019. He impressed me so much, because he didn't finish 3rd place with some lucky turn of events. He really won his 3rd place, he put on a show in multiple stages, with only Roglic being able to hang on.
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Unlike Pogacar, Masnada is not an idiot. Instead of doing 5 poor timed and wasteful attacks he would place one decisive move on the Poggio in the right moment. Poagacar need to go home and study the 2019 Tour of the Alpes to understand how to race for victory. He has the watts

Here is masnada mugging froome nibali and goegjigam Hart with a smart attack.

View: https://youtu.be/W1mnHolxSSU

He's like a Slovenian Masnada.
The guy probably wrote the message on September 14th 2019, when Pogacar won his second Vuelta stage, and then forgot to press post for 2.5 years. Or perhaps it has been lost in the system until today.

You damn right.
I swear I remember I've written such a post in September 2019, but it's so weird it's just not there, I probably deleted before posting it.