Taylor Phinney Crash

Mar 10, 2009
America's next great hope, Taylor Phinney, took quite a tumble at the Cascade Cycling Classic yesterday. He suffered a concussion, but appears to be otherwise OK.

Cyclingnews doesn't have photos, but CycleTo does and there is video on YouTube.
Apr 11, 2009

"Phinney who spent the night on an intravenous drip to help his recovery has crashed heavily three times this year, hitting his head and splitting his helmet on all of those occasions. "It’s probably the worst fall I’ve had. I’ve never had to spend a night in hospital after a crash.""

This is dangerous (3rd degree concussion is very severe). Multiple minor concussions (if he's had them) are a also a problem, eg. hockey players like Eric Lindros etc. This can end your career.

He needs good medical and other advice. Comparative newness or less situational awareness that longer-term riders may be hurting him.