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TdF in 2015

Mar 11, 2009
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Bob Roll announcing the TdF in 2015:

Bob: “Welcome to this year Tour de France on United Sports Network. I’ve brought in some old friends to help out a bit with this year’s show. Unfortunately they can only be on the kickoff show, as they have commitments to Versus to work Bull Riding and Ladies Hockey Extravaganza, but here they are: Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin. Phil, you’ve got to like the tour this year.”

Phil: “Yes I do, Bob. Once again, they've stretched the elastic since Capital Sports & Entertainment bought out ASO two years ago. Paul, can you tell us about the route this year?”

Paul: “Yes Phil. This year the Tour starts in the United States and travels to 37 US cities over the first 17 days, and jumps back over to France with finishes on the Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux, and Paris on the last three days. Those two mountain top finished just before Paris will certainly set the cat among the pigeons.”

Bob: “I agree. There have also been a few changes in the teams we usually see. Phil, can you tell us about them?”

Phil: "Bob, this year we have 21 teams for this year’s tour:

“Nine of them are American or American/Belgian:

McDonalds-Slipsteam (formerly Garmin)
Taco Bell Tornadoes
Bulow BioTech Prosthetics Racing
Jelly Belly/Mars
Outback Pro Racing
Stella Artois/Budweiser

Three are British:

Betfair/Virgin (formerly Team Sky)
Braveheart United (actually a Scottish team)
Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod (a Welsh side)

Three are Australian:

Lion Nathan

One is Irish (speaking Gaelic)

Dòmhnallaidh Rothar (known locally as the Debauchers)

And as for the rest of the world, we have the Italian LiquiGas/Aqua-Seponi/LPR Squad, the Belgian/Dutch/Danish group (including those few Belgians that have not thrown in with the Americans) of Rabo/Lotto/Riis, the Spanish Contador F1 Squad, The Basque ETA team, and one French Continental team on wildcard: Baguette du Jour.”