TdF Stage 8 Wiggo & Cav photo caption..

Jul 23, 2009
I thought it was funny. The real lack of class was Bradley Wiggins dropping the c word in a media scrum while representing the Sky corporation. Stay classy, Wiggo. So who did CN harm? Cav, the guy who uses profane language in half his interviews and who has held up the V fingers as he won a race? Wiggins, the guy whose response to a softball question about doping is to call cycling fans wan*ers and c*n*s, then leave the room like a spurned princess? It was nice to see CN throw a little spice on their reports for once, and if anything it brought a little levity into a sh*tstorm created by Bradley w*n*ing Wiggins.

And now I see CN took their caption down. Cowards.