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Couldn't find a thread for the team (apart from in that other place), but they've announced their 2021 TDF lineup with the cover-all-bases combination of Quintana, Bouhanni and Barguil.

They have named a squad to fight on a number of fronts, with Elie Gesbert able to complement the three leaders in targeting the punchy and medium mountain stages.

The eight-man squad is noticeably less geared around Quintana compared to last year, when the Colombian hit the ground running in his debut season with the team. Quintana has had a subdued 2021 and the three riders who followed him to the team - Winner Anacona, Diego Rosa, and his brother Dayer Quintana - will have to sit out this year's Tour.

Quintana won the recent Vuelta a Asturias but struggled to make any impact at the Critérium du Dauphiné, where he placed 20th and where team director Yvan Ledanois issued a scathing critique of the team's form so close to the Tour.

While Barguil, who placed 14th overall last year - three places above Quintana - could end up doing some work in the mountains, Anthony Delaplace is the only domestique who can provide uphill support.

Unlike last year, the team have found room for a pure sprinter in Bouhanni, plus a dedicated lead-out man in Dan McLay. Bouhanni, who recently made his comeback from a two-month ban for dangerous sprinting, makes his Tour de France return after a three-year absence. He has yet to taste victory this year but a win would complete the set of stages in all three Grand Tours.

"The objective is to prize open as many opportunities as possible in order to grab a stage win, without neglecting other objectives over the course of the race," said team boss Emanuel Hubert.

"The balance of strengths has been thought through so as to be able to be up there on all terrain, with riders who can support our leaders in their specific areas."
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Quintana alone. No friends and family with him. It will be interesting to see how he does.
But at the end Arkea is probably doing the only thing that they can do which is going for stages. Even that it will be very hard.
Anacona crashed in the Dauphine and had a DNF in the Mt. Ventoux challenge afterwards, I guess that's the reason why he wasn't selected. I can't really say that I would have picked Dayer over any of the guys that they are bringing.
Quintana alone. No friends and family with him. It will be interesting to see how he does.
But at the end Arkea is probably doing the only thing that they can do which is going for stages. Even that it will be very hard.
Agreed, but they don’t have a worse chance at stagehunting than most others teams. Barguil can look sharp on his day and Quintana could win an mtf provided hes already well down on GC.

if Bouhanni can ride a straight line surely he’s at Cavendish level, at least?
3rd for Bouhanni, to go with his 2nd and 3rd in the previous sprint stages. He's looking in good shape even if not quite matching Cav at the moment.

Nacer Bouhanni: ′′ I'm still missing a little, it's a shame, because I'm back on the final. We were really in the game! ′′
Yvon Ca ër: ′′ Nacer's good condition will pay off. We all believe in it. All the ingredients are here.
I have to hand it to Bouhanni, I thought he was done a couple of years ago.
I always saw him as a sprinter who was better after a hillier stage, a shame for him that there aren't too many of those kind of sprint stages in the Tour this year.
On paper stage 10 and stage 12 aren't hard enough to make a big difference.
That said, maybe fatigue could catch up with some of the other sprinters-
What have they done today??? Really, what are they thinking???
They didnt put mens in the break, Nairo loosing time on purpose in a stage that was only rolling in the bunch. Plus Roglic falling apart is an oportunity to go up in GC. They send Warguil with the peloton that is already far behind, and Nairo fall down in GC.
I hope tomorrow Nairo go bananas from km 0 and wins the stage, if not, its a pitty that he lost time today
The only thing I want is for Nairo and Arkea to break that silly contract for the third year that they have. Nairo does not deserve that money and Arkea is simply a small team that cannot provide anything to Nairo nor any GC rider. What were they thinking?
Barguil at least is French and has a good reason to be there.
Bouhanni can win a stage this year. Already this year he's taking his best results in the Tour. 5 chances left.

If Quintana could win a stage even better. Who knows what's going on though. He brought them some nice wins they wouldn't have otherwise but yes not enough for whatever his contract is.
Team down to only three riders after Bouhanni and Barguil were caught in the crash the other day, with both now having abandoned. Seemed like this year was a great chance for Bouhanni to get a TDF stage and he came close a couple of times, but I guess Nairo and his shot at the KOM jersey is all that's left to aim for, he's 10 off Poels after today.

At the end of forces, after multiple falls, Nacer Bouhanni was forced to abandon the 15th stage of the Tour de France.
You gave it all Nacer! Come back to us in great shape
After a reasonably positive start to the Tour with Bouhanni coming close on a few sprint stages, then Nairo in the KOM jersey for a while, in the end the team were left with three riders, no stage wins and Nairo falling back in the last week. Pretty disappointing all round and we barely saw Barguil - albeit after crashes hampered his efforts. I'd say someone who left a good impression was Elie Gesbert who was still trying to the end, whether pulling for Nairo on the climbs or getting into the break on Friday.

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