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`Statement From Max Kanter

This made me laugh. It is clear that the statement released has no connection with reality and was written by someone with no knowledge of recent circumstances or at least pretending that nothing happened.:rolleyes:
I think the statement is okay and not even wrong? I mean Movistar are one of the oldest and more traditionaly managed teams out there (even though there have been changes made in the last few years). Unzue and a lot of other staff has been there forever, sponsor continuity is there, and you have the typical Abarca type riders (to quote Libertine) who spend large parts or even all of their career in that structure. I think Movistar does qualify very well as a team that values human relationships. Especially when you contradict it with DSM where Kanter is coming from.
Indeed. From all the information I have gathered, Lopez definitely seems to be wrong here, not Movistar. No way anyone told him to not close that gap when it initially opened, but obviously Lopez and his Colombian camp failed to tell that. Glad hes out if hes such a little baby and cant even tell the truth about what happened.
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Salty MAL fans. I’ve criticized Superman for his stage 20 antics, but have always personally liked him as a rider. Before stage 20, I thought he’d turned a corner, as he and Mas had coexisted as well as could be expected.

From my outside perspective and with the benefit of hindsight, it looked to me like MAL was supposed to be the 1A at the TDF and Mas was supposed to be 1A at the Vuelta- hence why MAL wore #1 at the former and Mas at the latter. When Lopez couldn’t stay upright, Mas ended up being the only GC guy at the Tour, but was undercooked heading into the race with his eye on the Vuelta, where he was on good form. On top form, Mas is at least equal to Lopez as a GC rider if not a bit better due to his consistency, and after missing out on his TDF GC challenge, Lopez wanted to ride for himself on stage 20. Problem was after following Yates, he was losing time already and took it personally that the team wasn’t going to sacrifice Mas in the process.
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