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Team Type 1

Nov 17, 2009
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Just read the article about the Team Type 1 cycling team. As a type-1 diabetic, I've got a bit of a rooting interest in them having success... but their goals seem perhaps a bit unrealistic.

Giro in 2011, Tour in 2012... does anyone here really think that's possible based on how the team looks now?

It's hard to imagine that a team who's highlights from last year are stage wins in the Cascade Classic and Tour of Utah can be realistically thinking of getting a GT invite 2 years later... unless they pull a BMC and find a crapload of money to buy some top level guys.
Mar 26, 2009
Their program for this year is quiet big as they will take part at many international races, but if they were serious about riding Giro in 2011 they should be taking part at a LOT of italian races and of course get some decent results.

So no, I don't think its realistic but I wish them the best.