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Team Visma LAB

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Jorgenson the new WVA. Like with Roglic, they realised WVA is not as good/more crash prone than before and so breed another mutant.

How long until he wins a GT?

Jorgenson showed his powers with Movistar 2023: win in Oman GC (for now his best climbing measured), 2nd in Romandie GC, 4th in E3, 9th in Flanders.
Visma didn't breed a mutant
Is he? Cause with how he's climbing and how tall he is I'd expect a better TT if he was that aero
I think given his height and broad shoulders he is doing pretty amazing TTs. He seems to be checking off the boxes fairly well this year.

As has been noted in other posts, it appears we have folks who are doing well in some of the northern classics, and then come out punching high in the one week races. I am curious how Matty will do in a GT
I wonder how that training camp is going for Wout and Jonas. Will Jumbo turn their season around in a fairy tale way? Or is the real world just laying the smacketh down on the team this year?

They are postponing the decision as long as they can. On the presentation day they will be testing [Vingegaard]'s threshold. Grischa Niermann can't sleep at night wondering if [he] will show Teddy and co who's the strongest.
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Plugge pushes the "contamination" old chestnut -

So, are we to expect some update soon as Plugge has mentioned Hessmann?

4 months ban, with 3 of them already served. Ruled as contamination.
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If someone makes an excuse of contamination, shouldn't he have to back it up with evidence? With facts about when and how the contamination entered his system.
The NADA has now concluded that it is plausible that Hessmann took a contaminated medicine such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or naproxen.
But the NADA response does not provide any facts, just a speculation.

Hessmann's lawyer represents cheaters in quite a few doping cases in several different sports in Germany, so I guess he's pretty good at defending cheaters, but there's no question that the German anti-doping agency was a partner in covering up the case.
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The way things are going I'm afraid that this Visma control vehicle is about a year or so late

Actually they secretly tested it last fall at the Vuelta. The computer analysis continually told them Kuss was the strongest. After a thorough review, the algorithm has been adjusted. It should get it right this time around.