The 2021 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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Dec 16, 2010
After participating since the very beginning(How many years is it now?) of this game, I can finally call my self the winner of the best cycling manager game there is!
Thank you Skidmark for hosting the game. As always, you do a tremendous piece of work, and I am always looking forward to next weeks update.

And thank you Squire for making it exciting to the very end!

I am not the most active participant, but I read all of the posts in the thread with great joy. So thank you all for your great insights and analysis on the riders.

I think my wife will be happy not to hear about my teams performance for some time now...

I can't wait for another season to begin!
Thank you, Skidmark for running the game once again. All your time and effort is very much appreciated.

Congratulations to Object on winning and Squire for running it close. Being involved in this game every year makes watching cycling even more interesting and enjoyable.

My team was the epitome of mid table mediocrity, frustrating as some of my last minute omissions went onto to score a hatful of points.

Now to start working on nexts years team.
Can only reiterate what everyone else has said. Thanks to skidmark for running the game pretty much seamlessly, congratulations to Object for defying the odds and managing to win the game without Colbrelli, and kudos to Squire for pulling an extremely close race out of seemingly nowhere. It feel like we collectively missed the best opportunity any of us will ever have to crack the 20000-point barrier, though - skidmark's old points record has also barely survived, although this year's top-4 will be second through fifth on the all-time list by the looks.

As for myself, reasonably happy with 24th on my first attempt, probably should have been able to do better with a team that had Colbrelli on it though.
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Jan 3, 2018
Happy with the Green Jersey, an award that I did not expect. The fifth position of the GC also leaves me very satisfied, because in previous years I had not achieved anything similar. In the year 2,022 we will fight for the podium and to win the Green Jersey again, which will not be easy.
Thanks to the organizers, because doing weekly updates is a very demanding job. Good vacations!
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Even with the greatly depressed 2020 scores, none of us managed the elusive goal of every rider in profit. As far as I can see, the closest to this was Tom-jelte, although he finished 3/4 of the way down the field. Only Sergio Higuita and Oliver Naesen scored less than 100%, and at 80% and 94% respectively, even his most disappointing selections did not disappoint by much. Pinot and Jungels ensured that most teams had at least one rider in the low 30s, if not lower.
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I just want to say, out of update, that it's great to see the enthusiasm and participation in this game continue through the years, and it's been good to have cycling/this game back to relatively normal after the last year and a half we've all had. In that vein, I think it's also great for the game to see such a close race between two participants who have been around since pretty much the start. Certainly Squire has been a notable contributor to this thread over the years, be it talking through strategy, doing guest updates, analyzing teams at the start of the year, etc; he has been one of the consistently great performers in this game. And even if you don't post a ton Object, your participation in this game is greatly appreciated. Congrats on it all coming together this year.

I can't believe that 2012 score wasn't topped, what a crazy year that was for that team. It's given me cause to look back on that year, and it was fun to check out the names in the spreadsheet - here's a link in case anyone is feeling nostalgic.

I realized at some point this year that I totally blanked on doing the monthly updates despite tracking them in the spreadsheet. I thought it might be fun to keep posting in this thread every Monday with a year-in-review monthly rankings month by month, so I think I'm gonna try that to pass the time until next year's game gets started. Looks like Aussie nats are January 12-16, and Langkawi seems to be scheduled starting January 16th as well, so I'm guessing a start date around then. Stay tuned, and thanks all!
Thanks a lot for your effort, Skidmark.
Even though I ended up in the lower end it's such a fun game to participate in. Highlight of the year for me was having Taco on my team - but ok, I've had him since 2019 since he scored 396 points in two months autumn '18 after being injured (I think, can't remember exactly to be honest).
Already have some 75 riders on my long list for next year...
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Jan 10, 2021
Thank you Skidmark! It was very fun to follow the game and support for the riders in my team.

I managed a top 10 in my debut season, very happy with that. It will be difficult to do beter next year.
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Year In Review: February

I mentioned last week that I realized sometime through the year that I hadn't been doing updates on the monthly leaders this year. I let it slide, but now that the main game is over I figure I might as well go back and give those leaders their due, which also provides us with an opportunity to take a look back at this year.

The game started in the last week of January with a couple of races, so the first 'month' of the season covers that little bit of January and all of February.

February's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this month
1Hugo Koblet1030

Hugo Koblet became the first team to top 1030 points, presaging a fairly lengthy stay at the top of the standings. Looking back at the early part of the season is also a reminder that the season is long and a lot can change. Hugo's highest scorer in the month was Ivan Sosa, with 183 points in February - he would end the season with 211 total. Tim Wellens was next with 173 on the month, and although he ended up better off with 615 total, I'm sure his owners might have foreseen more months like February for him, which didn't really come. The other two scorers Hugo had above 100 were Alahilippe (120) and Bernal (107), and both of those guys did alright for the season. Those picks were supported with a good spread of riders, notably 50 points at a cost of 15 for Mauri Vansevenant, a sign of the season to come for the youngster.

Northerner didn't crack 1000 points, but managed second with a strong and top-heavy team, with all 4 of Hugo's 100 point scorers plus Bauke Mollema getting off to a great start with 164. LaFlorecita managed third on the month, with the same big 4 as mentioned above.

The overall standings at the end of the month were the same as the month obviously - looking through the standings, there are a handful of names in the top 10 that ended up there at the end of the season (notably, Object was already well positioned in 4th back in February), and some teams that faded a bit after getting off to a hot start.

Okay! Back next week to go through March. Here's the spreadsheet for end of February if you wanted to take a look.
Snuck into the top ten in the penultimate week, the Taco's 7 points in the last week meant a joint 9th at the end. Easily my best result since playing this game.

Thanks so much skidmark for organising this. It really adds to the enjoyment of watching cycling! PArticulalrly in a year where your team is still involved right to the end. Looking ahead to next year's growing shortlist, it will be very different. I think we're all going to be taking a lot more interest in sprint stages in 2022?
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Looking ahead to next year's growing shortlist, it will be very different. I think we're all going to be taking a lot more interest in sprint stages in 2022?
Haven't started working on my team yet, as I don't want to constantly think about CQ for the next two months! But I had one quick glance through the 2021 ranking, and I couldn't even identify five obvious picks, I think. Scores are gonna be on the low side next year, it seems.
thanks skidmark. close to a top 40 which considering I had Colbrelli is not fantastic.

he was obviously my best pick along with Taaramae and Aleotti.
Jungels was obviously the worst pick but he was for all 61 people who chose him! the picks that had the biggest negative impact on my score were Pedersen, Kristoff and Bettiol, all picked by few, all unlucky to not score more, all not scoring enough. Higuita as well but he was not that rare.

worst non-pick was Cavendish clearly, I had him last year, and, like many, ignored him this year, I obviously picked Froome both years :rolleyes:. Vingegaard and Vansevenant would have been great as well but I never considered them.
Haven't started working on my team yet, as I don't want to constantly think about CQ for the next two months! But I had one quick glance through the 2021 ranking, and I couldn't even identify five obvious picks, I think. Scores are gonna be on the low side next year, it seems.
I haven't taken a look yet for similar reasons... but I'm almost ready to start! Last year was the busiest I've ever been despite being cooped up indoors, and I didn't start putting a team together until relatively late for me (helped by the delayed start of the game). But I'm looking forward to having a bit of time this year to do a first pass over the list to make a longlist, take a break, revisit it a few weeks later. etc.
Year in Review: March

Back in the early season, we went from the tune-up races into March where things got real - Het Nieuwsblad at the end of February through Strade Bianche, Paris-Nice, Tirenno-Adriatico, the first Monument of the season in Milan-San Remo, and onto the cobbles. It was early enough in the season that hopes were high for many teams, and we began to see just how many points would be scored in this game where most riders were at a discount for their 2020 score.

March's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this month
2Total Package3832
4Hugo Koblet3494
7Armchair cyclist3323

Cracking 4000 points for the month (admittedly including 6 updates just due to timing and a bit of spillover into April), Boris98 had a great month. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their team's top scorer was the winner of the first monument - on top of the 280 points for Milan-San Remo, Jasper Stuyven got almost 200 more from other races, netting 473 for his 4 owners. Next up as the second highest scorer - and this will likely be a surprise to his owners in retrospect, as it was to me - was Greg Van Avermaet, who scored 375 in March before his season fell off a cliff, only scoring 119 more from April onwards. Absolutely not surprising was that Egan Bernal scored 311 to have another solid month, and other high scorers for Boris98 were Christophe Laporte and Michael Matthews with 270 each, Mauri Vansevenant with 235, Tiesj Benoot with 211 and - in what was just the beginning - Sonny Colbrelli with 209.

Total Package had a great month as well for second place, having a top heavy team with their top 5 costing riders each scoring over 200 on the month. GvA was tops here, but impressive contributions from Adam Yates (331), Bernal, the Matthews/Laporte duo at 270, Bauke Molleman continuing a great start of year with 262, Peter Sagan with 218, and Colbrelli once again. Bicycle Boy rounded out the podium with a ridiculously top-heavy team, picking three riders who cost more than 1000 points, and getting a good return out of them - Wout Van Aert had 1010 for the month(!), MvdP had 738, Julian Alaphilippe had a relatively pedestrian 204. Add to that their team's next 4 highest costing riders had good returns, with Sam Bennett (329 points - remember when he was riding?), Sagan, Geraint Thomas (178) and Mollema all coming correct.

Top 10 at the end of March

2Total Package5350
3Hugo Koblet5271

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this list looks much like the previous one. Hugo Koblet relinquishes the lead but remained close, and several of the names up here would be up there at the end. In case you were wondering, eventual winner Object was in 16th overall at this point.

Spreadsheet if you wanted to take a look
Object has a pretty commanding lead but there's still a fascinating race involving their team. Can they chase down the all time record of 19345 (by skidmark in 2012) ? 2000 points with the fall classics (+ Paris-Roubaix) and the World Championships remaining on the calendar seems tough for any team that doesn't have Gilbert in 2011 form (I don't think anybody picked him that year but what a legendary pick that would have been). Should be pretty fun to follow for people like me who are completely out of it this year.
It is amazing to me that, despite the very unusual circumstances this year, Skidmark's 2012 score still remains the highest ever in this game. That was quite the team: the most expensive rider was 532 points, and yet seven riders ended up scoring more than 1000 points.

Still, Object did end up with the second-highest-score ever, which is an impressive feat.
In terms of scoring maximum points this year I went through the current CQ list and picked riders along the way. It is by no means an the optimized team, there probably is a much better possible combination. For staters there's only 21 riders so far. But what a team this would have been!

van aert
a yates
Van Poppel D
e hayter
Year in Review: April

As our year continued on, the excitement of getting back to a 'normal' cycling season was tempered somewhat with the news that Paris-Roubaix would be postponed once again, turning Holy Week into more of a Holy Half Year between the Ronde and Roubaix. But the Ronde went ahead to kick off April, with a few cobbled races closing out that phase and moving to the Ardennes. Stage races chugged along in the buildup to the first grand tour of the year, with Itzulia starting it off and Romandie finishing it, with Tours of Turkey, Valenciana (also rescheduled from earlier) and the Alps filling out the lower tier. A balanced set of races for riders of different qualities to score in!

April's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this month
1 Galpedal 2381
2 18-Valve. (pithy) 2327
3 PremierAndrew 2318
4 Bicycle_Boy 2219
5 ray10 2183
6 Otoxiep87 2144
7 BlueRoads 2137
8 Tigerion 2130
9 Rebecops 2106
10 Object 2070

It was tight at the top, with 63 points separating the podium finishers. (Note that scores were quite a bit lower than March, mostly due to the non-exact start and end date of months - as CQ updates are weekly - led March to be about a week and a half longer than April). Galpedal topped the rankings, with Julian Alaphilippe in a starring role with 466 points on the month. Galpedal had two other scorers with more than 300 points, Geraint Thomas with 347 and Tom Pidcock's elite road coming out party giving him 338. Wout Van Aert compiled another 298 in his sterling season, while Mark Cavendish showed everyone his career wasn't dead in Turkey, netting 210 points on the month.

18-Valve had Alaphilippe, Thomas, Pidcock and Cavendish, but none of them were their team's high scorer, as they were one of the two teams to benefit from Tadej Pogacar's otherworldly season - he got 521 points on the month, bringing him to 1339 on the season well before dominating the Tour and winning Lombardia. PremierAndrew rounds out the podium with the same big four shared by 18-Valve and Galpedal, with Adam Yates scoring 181 and a smattering of support from smaller scoring riders making it close.

Top 10 at the end of April

Rank Team Points
1 Bicycle_Boy 7098
2 Northerner 7040
3 Hugo Koblet 6984
4 Total Package 6884
5 Boris98 6879
6 Otoxiep87 6813
7 Armchair cyclist 6662
8 Squire 6641
9 Object 6628
10 Nakazar 6581

Not quite making the monthly podium was Bicycle Boy, but 4th on the month with a starting position of 6th overall at the end of March leads the charge to the top. Their team's three riders costing over 1000 points lead the way, with Van Aert scoring 1308 by the end of April, and MvdP and Alaphilippe both with 95. Northerner was close behind and Hugo was still lurking close to the top in third. Six of the ten teams on this list were in the top 10 in March and all of the top 5; notably, eventual winner Object sneaks back into the top 10.

check out the spreadsheet
Year in Review: May

May was a month dominated by the Giro, which was won by the most popular rider in the game. As such, baseline scores were pretty high, although there was still some strong variation. Beyond the Giro, there were actually no other WT level races in May (aside from the Dauphine which started on May 30), and several PS-level races from the regular (4 Days of Dunkirk, Boucles de Mayenne) to the rescheduled (Algarve, Andalucia).

May's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this month
4Mellow Velo2366

The top score of the month went to postmanhat with 2879 points; 1031 were from Bernal, so the other 1848 were the ones that differentiated postmanhat from the majority of teams. Their team had another very good Giro scorer in Simon Yates, who took in 434 for the month for his 14 owners, and other good performers included Bardet with 253, Sagan with 230, and unique pick Jonathan Lastra with 212 from high placings in both Algarve and Andalucia.

Londonpat managed second, although a few hundred back. Aside from Bernal, their team had a similar makeup with Yates/Bardet/Sagan, as well as MA Lopez with 211. So although their top end was nearly identical to first place, but the undercard makes the difference in that postmanhat had 7 riders score between 55-115 points whereas Londonpat had only 5. vladimir is also a bit back in third, lacking Yates from the top riders but having strong support lower down from riders like Bettiol (123 points), Gaviria (114 points, which is 114 more than I remember him scoring this year), Viviani (99), Formolo (92), and Kristoff (90).

Top 10 at the end of May

1Total Package9082
5Hugo Koblet8781
6Armchair cyclist8748

Bicycle Boy, the leader after April, was one of the few teams in the game without Bernal, and it only could hold for so long. Their team only managed 645 points in May and fell to 34th overall. Northerner had been second and had a great month to stay there, but was leapfrogged by Total Package, who takes the lead by 91 points. Squire continued an impressive run up the table into a podium position, and the entire final podium is in the top 10 by this point. Eight of the top 10 teams at the end of May were also in the top 10 at the end of April, and eventual winner Object stays steady lurking down in 9th.

spreadsheet for your perusal
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