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With Jai Hindley, Sergio Higuita and Marco Haller, Ralph Denk's team is strengthening itself on different fronts, thereby also initiating strategic changes. All riders will be under contract with BORA - hansgrohe for at least the next three years: I am curious whether they could actually sign Vlasov or Almeida too.
Amazing how far Sagan’s paypacket goes
And does Kamna say that in fact he’s been having a mental health issue?
Actually Denk's comment didn't sound great, but it also wasn't that bullying.

And no, Kämna didn't say that, at least not in public or that I know of.

Then I think this "mental health" expression is used very diffuse in sports lately, what is it actually meant to mean? A depression or anxiety disorder as recognized by the psychiatrists classification? Or also just a higher degree of performance anxiety, which, I think, many athletes have and with some it might become bigger in certain situations?
If you don't feel fit, if your body is still dealing with injury or illness for instance and you know you cannot perform at a level you yourself consider decent, it's no wonder to have doubts about whether you want to compete. Some might think athletes should always be diehard optimists and think it will all work out, but isn't it totally normal not to be?
And others might actually have problems in recognizing physical problems and train over what the body is able to do...
Such things are then certainly not handled perfectly mentally, but I wouldn't call that topic "mental health problems".

That being said I have no idea what it is for Kämna.
Here is an article about it:

google translation:
Lennard Kämna was firmly planned for Bora - hansgrohe for this Tour de France. At the press conference before the start in Brest, the sports manager revealed how much his absence worries team boss Ralph Denk. At the same time he made it clear that "purely physical reasons" were decisive for the break. In 2018, Kämna had already taken a two-month break from the previous Sunweb team.

Denk was annoyed that last year's Tour stage winner hadn't revealed how sick he really was in preparation. "Lennard was over-motivated. He attacked every stage in Catalonia (where he won 5th, editor's note). Even with a touch of illness. He wasn't honest with himself and us. Then he's right got sick, "explained the Raublinger.

At first Bora - hansgrohe did not find out how much either before Kämna started again in the Algarve. "He was way above the point. After that, a break no longer worked. That's why we decided to take him off the tour and plan further goals for the fall," said Denk.

Denk summarized Kämna's mistake in one sentence: "Lennard went too far." The fact that this happened to a 24-year-old huge talent after grandiose stage victories at the Critérium du Dauphiné and the Tour de France last year speaks for the ambition of the North German, not against him. Think too, who immediately signed Kämna for another year, but also advised him to trust the team more. Denk: "Kämna has learned to update us more often about his physical condition."
Ok Bora could not manage their 3 sprinters (Sagan , Bennett, Ackermann) in the last 3-4 years. Now they will try to manage 4 GC riders- Buchmann, Kelderman, Hindley and Vlasov. Good Luck with that and more entertainment for the viewers. And of course if Keldermann is on one side of the peloton, the other GC riders need to stay on the other side so as to maximize their chances.
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