The Deceuninck - Quickstep Thread

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I think they will have to make tough choices for the Tour. Alaphilippe and Bennett are a lock. If Bennett goes, Archibold probably also goes. Then you have the hilly classics guys and the cobble classic guys who probably all want to go to the Tour. Jungels (who can do both) and Devenyns (who is very important to Alaphilippe according to himself) are probably in. Then you have Asgreen, Lampaert, Stybar, Sénéchal, Cavagna,... who all will want to go. Guys who ride Paris-Roubaix can't participate in the Giro or the Vuelta so the Tour seems the obvious choice. Do they also wanna bring a pure domestique?

For the Giro Evenepoel and Jakobsen are the leaders. Knox also goes. A leadout man for Jakobsen is also needed, probably a Morkov or so. I think they'll send Cattaneo to the Giro. If they can miss Keisse in the cobble classics as domestique, I'd say he will also be present in the Giro. Not sure if they already think that Almeida is ready for a 3 weeks stage.
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Almeida was one of the top guys in his class in the U23. He'd be 22 by the time the Giro is held. He'd be a year older than Pogacar when he rode the Vuelta, and he's 18 months older than Evenepoel. He'd be half a year older than Bernal was when he went to the TDF. He'd be the exact same age De Plus was when Quickstep took him to the giro (and he finished 24th, while working for Jungels & Gaviria). They took Honoré last year as well, at 22 and a few months.

With 3 ITT's, that also means he has 3 days he can take it easy on top of the rest days. If it turns out to be a Giro with 3 rest days (as in some recent years, and which was originally the plan upon coming back from Hungary iirc) and 3 ITT's, i don't see why they wouldn't be able to bring Almeida.

For the rest i think we're saying about the same thing. Classics guys will go to the Tour. Serry has often gone to the Giro, and i'm sure Cattaneo would also like doing the Giro. Keisse is important to Evenepoel, he looks up to him in terms of leadership, and he could also prove crucial to Jakobsen. If they indeed bring Morkov for Jakobsen and don't send him to the TDF for Bennett, then there is only one spot open for the giro (Evenepoel, Jakobsen, Knox, Serry, Cattaneo, Keisse, Morkov...). Wonder if they'd pick Almeida in support of Knox and Evenepoel (or if they think they've got plenty with Serry and Cattaneo), or take a guy like Ballerini, Steels, Declercq, Van Lerberghe, Honoré...
What do you think of their team? Can we trust the letour-list? With Stybar going and Archbold staying at home? Jungels going and Sénéchal and Cavagna staying at home? Well, I guess Jungels and Stybar are better at captaining than Alaphilippe, could that be a reason they are going? Or is it a question of age, mostly? The younger guys going to the Giro? (Well, Archbold is not the youngest, but he looks like a youngling with his hair...)