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Teams & Riders The Great Big Cycling Transfers and Rumours Thread

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No doubt this was announced/rumoured pages ago, but Marco Brenner confirmed to Tudor Pro cycling. Don't know much about him as a rider, but imagine the calendar with them would be better than with DSM?
Most important thing for him will be that he gets these orthopedic issues fixed - his back, and all that is related to his back.

DSM actually offered him everything he needed, and he showed few promising results there, but these health issues destroyed almost everything in recent past. If these troubles continue, it‘ll even be a challenge to even finish a Giro d‘Italia.

The thing is, since he‘s so talented, he shows great performances on certain, good days. But of course he and everyone around him expects him to turn to a winning rider.

What was worrying was that for example in the 2023 Dauphine, he had a great start with two Top-10s in the first two stages. But as the stages went by, the back pain apparently started to occur again, and he was dropped in the mountains.

I think DSM would have offered him a better schedule for the second half of 2023, if he would have performed beforehand. Brenner probably will be honest enough to accept that it wouldn’t have made any sense to add him to the hardest races, if he had had no chance to perform accordingly.

Brenner and Steimle certainly do not like stepping back to ProConti level now - although of course Q36.5 (Steimle) and Tudor (Brenner) are top ProConti teams, with ambition to become WT soon…
Now confirmed.


Now, the question remains whether he'll have a storming entrance onto the scene.

And here's an article with a delightfully punny headline:

Is there something special about Storm that doesn't show in his results on the road? Other cycling disciplines? He doesn't scream straight-to-pros and future world beater. There are some seemingly much bigger talents who are riding for U23 teams next year. Storm has decent results in flat/hilly races and seems quite consistent, but there have been a lot of quite strong/quite fast juniors who never amounted to much.

Or is it because Danes are all the rage now?
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Nothing against Van Hoecke but I don't understand the move. Johanssen shares the same duties with highest upside and constant progression. He has done a terrific job for Thijssen the whole year as a key member in his sprint train.

Disappointing they don't add Eiking as well. I know they have budget constraints but the team is going to miss point scorers this year. They lost 1,600 points with Costa and the only newcomer who seems ready to inmediately score a lot is Busatto (the guy is going to pick up hundreds of points in Italian semiclassic races). Colleoni and Faure Prost will pick up points as well in smaller GC races but still...

As for Hellemose, he was in talks / negotiations with Team Ukyo but it seems nothing came to fruition.
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