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And I still feel a bit betrayed by him: he always pretended he was going to win the Tour for certain, but never won it. Everyone was certain of a happy end (TdF victory), but that never happened. And as he realized others are stronger than him, he switched to the „entertainment mode“, to remain relevant.

How much of it was Pinot saying he was gonna win the Tour for certain, and how much was his fans? He frequently said that he wanted to win the Tour, but the only time - that I can recall - he said he'd felt certain that he was gonna win, was in 2019, and it did look quite good before he got injured.
Of course, later he has also said that maybe he didn't actually want to be a TdF winner after all...
There's still talk of Lefereve retiring at the end of 2024 so the circus of QS merging or whatever will start up all over again. Did not Roglic take WvA's cocah with him to Bora? So we need to wait and see.
imo i doubt the Merger is fully off the table and behind the scenes may still be in the works. I also don't see specialized being involved which would mean remco & specialized would likely leave if it happens.

Sidenote, I'm predicting Asgreen to Bora for 2025
Soudal-QuickStep added a 28th rider to their roster. Pepijn Reinderink, the Dutch national champion at U23, has been promoted from the development team to the pro-team.

Abner Gonzalez joins Efapel.

Remaining on the watchlist:
Odd Eiking
Jens Reynders
Domenico Pozzovivo (will join Corratec if invited to Giro)
Joe Dombrowski (probably facing retirement)
Amanuel Gebhreizhabier
Lukas Postlberger
Julius Johansen
Asbjorn Hellemose
Hellemose talked about his situation on an Italian podcast and said he doesn't think he'll be able to find a team this year.
He's currently training hard and will ride NAT / NE / amateur races to show he still has the level to compete at the highest level. Hopefully a team will sign him in 2025.
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Back to AG2R maybe? It's not like they've got better options for the Giro d'Italia unless Cosnefroy finally decides to ride it.

Pozzovivo hanging on for a top 10 and then the likes of Paret-Peintre & Lapeira can go stage hunting!

That would probably have happened already if that was a possibility.
He's said that he doesn't want to ride for peanuts, so this is probably the end of his great career. Then he'll have more time to hang out with Nibali. I'm still sad he didn't return to Bardiani though.
I maybe missing updates,
but I have not seen any news on Stannard or
Nicolas Edet.
I'm sure there are several others at Astana as well. Maybe Basso has retired.

Edet is currently trying to recover from a long and complex injury in his arm. Probably won't race anymore, the most relevant thing for him is healing 100%.

As from Astana, (almost) all of their non-returning kazakhs officially retired. For Basso and Riabushenko I haven't read anything but I guess retirement is the most likely outcome (unless Riabushenko wants to ride for chinese / asian CT - in which I guess he could find a place)
I kinda want Pozzovivo to end his career where he started it, at Bardiani.
That said, Rcs not inviting a team with Padun, Pozzovivo and Bonifazio +Sbaragli over freaking Bardiani, who pretty much only have young Pellizzari and Zoccarato, who wastes his time on a team that isn't racing cobbled classics, is bs.
Bardiani is basically invited for their reputation as a farm team and long-term sponsorship / existence only!
Bad news that russian are still accepted at sports...

No, that's actually good news. It means that cycling is not virtue signalling.

Which sport has the moral highground? Cycling certainly doesn't, specially with teams like Israel Premier Tech or UAE in the sport. Riders just want to do their thing, they are not accountable for what their statesmen do.
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