Teams & Riders The Great Big Cycling Transfers and Rumours Thread

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Part of me now wonders what the deal is with that team, losing your strongest riders after 2-3 years...
It's not losing your strongerst riders after 2-3 years that's puzzling, as it would be pretty normal for a relatively low budget team to lose the bidding war for the best riders.

What's puzzling here is that the valid contracts are getting terminated so often in weird circumstances as for high profile riders.
Well i think Ineos or Uae.

When i look. Uae 29 riders in selection. Ayuso come in augustus and Ulissi some months injury.

So Uae 27 riders.
maybe they gave Hirschi a big contract to fill Ulissi's place. This way Hirschi can do his thing in the Ardennes classics.
Hirschi wants to get vaccinated against the coronavirus already in January, for this reason he decided spontaneously to switch the team..