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Teams & Riders The Great Big Cycling Transfers, Extensions, and Rumours Thread

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Labous to join FDJ to support Vollering. With Vollering, Muzic and Labous a bit of overkill, right?
If that's true then CUL and Cavalli will probably leave FDJ.

With Vollering, Labous, ELB, Riejanne Markus and Niewiadoma all out of contract for next year, will be an interesting summer.
I've expected Labous to FDJ for a while just because her contract was due and the sponsors would want a French GC threat, but with Muzic emerging this season and the Vollering rumours I kinda dismissed it as an idea as I figured that was no longer on the cards as they already had no room at the inn when it came to divvying up the calendar since they'd all be targeting the same kind of calendar.
Morgado said last week he wants to come back to RRV and he’s biggest idol and the rider we want to become is WVA. So I guess he could a taste for the classics. Make snese, bc he damn good at it already!

Pogacar, Wellens, Politt, Varmeersch, Bjerg, Mogardo, Rui.
^ The strongest classics team in the peloton?
Don't share your password with Ilmaestro.

But i'm a bit surprised if that's Morgado's take. A few months ago he was dreaming about winning the TDF one day. He must have flipped that switch quickly.
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Vollering for the Vuelta, Evita for the Tour, Labous for the Giro, simples!

That doesn't really work when it's possible for either of them to ride for GC in all three races.

Unless Labous is tired of the pressure of being a leader, or Vollering wants to earn more money while riding fewer races (who doesn't? But getting a team to agree to it is the hard part), I don't think it makes sense. It would also leave DSM without a GC leader. They do have some interesting prospects within the team, and there could be more on their way to signing with them, but it's uncertain how far they can make it and how long it will take for them to get there.

ELB to UAE makes perfect sense, since it is at least partially an Italian team, which seem to have a decent amount of money to spend and is also in need of a stronger leader.
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Buchmann heading for an acrimonious exit

Be interesting to see his race program until the end of the season, I hope he's been practicing his Chinese. Have you ever heard of 'Waziristan' Emmanuel? Well have I got the race for you...

French rider + goatee + climber = Alaphilippe replacement.

There is only one Alaphilippe replacement!


(Unfortunately, he's contracted for next year.)
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