Teams & Riders The Great Big Transfers and Rumours Thread

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He has to have strong support next year for when Jose Gonçalves moves back to Radio Popular - Boavista.
With Efapel it's mmore about the support from the teamcar than the lack of strength...
Will be interesting to see if anyone in Portugal picks up the former Funvic guys with less travel restrictions going on (fingers crossed). Apparently Joao Gaspar was close to signing a deal with a team in Portugal after his clinic related hiatus ended. Then there's also Najar, who will be allowed to race again next May...
Regarding Dennis...I just don't see what he'll get at JV that he wasn't getting at Ineos. I think he's got the engine to compete in a lot of stage races short of the GT level but will Jumbo commit to supporting him? Hard to say. Of course he'l be able to go for TT wins or top placings but he was already doing that at Ineos.
Dennis had to find another contract. When Ineos brought back Rod Ellingworth from Bahrain, Ellingworth said straight out "it's him or me".

FWIW I think Nibali had issues with him too.
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Correct. The problem did do a hell of a job as a super-domestique in week 3 of the 2020 Giro though.
One of the greatest domestique performances I've ever seen, completely destroyed the field. I was very surprised he didn't get selected for any GT this year, I mean Ganna is great and did a great job, but Dennis does what Ganna does at the flats and also hammers on long constant climbs like the Stelvio, the best Ineos got was Castroviejo, who was great but not even close to what Dennis did last year.
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