Teams & Riders The Great Big Transfers and Rumours Thread

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Fernando Barceló to Caja Rural is potentially interesting. He looked like the next Spanish wonderkid a few years ago, getting that result at the Vuelta a Asturias (3rd on Acebo behind Quintana and Balarcón) and being under Contador's wing, but stagnated badly first at Euskadi-Murias and then at Cofidis. He's still only 24, so although he has a bit of a stench of reclamation project about him, if he can show a bit more of what he showed back then there's still time for him to turn into a reasonable top tier rider, if not the rider he was originally projected to become.
I think he did quite okay at Euskadi, especially he seemed to finish quite strongly there in 2019 and start to make the expected breakthrough. His stagnation and also Cofidis letting him go seems a lot related to the heartproblems he got early in 2020. Does anyone know if he is fully over those problems? If so he can indeed be very interesting still next year, but I would still fear those problems might hold him back as he has not yet appeared to be the same since they started.
Gazzetta news ;

Nizzolo to ISN
Vini Zabu is in difficulties and may not continue....
What, the 450euros they raised on the GoFundMe after a couple of riders were banned isn’t enough?!?

On a more serious note, would be sad to see another Italian team fall by the wayside even if they’ve had issues and both recruitment and racing last few seasons has left a lot to desire.