Teams & Riders The Great Big Transfers and Rumours Thread

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I hope Astana will take some Mongolian riders one day. Historically Maral-Erdene Batmunkh is the best but Jambaljamts Sainbayar was great at the Leuven world's.
Those guys are hard as nails. I remember an interview with Tegsh-bayar Batsaikhan when he talks how he and other Mongolian riders still train on the open roads around Ulan Bator during the winter when the temperatur his -20 to -25° C (there also isn't a Velodrome in Mongolia where he could train on the track).
Sainbayar looks like an interesting rider, I'd give him a chance on a PCT team like Gazprom. Enkhtaivan Bolor-erdene also seems to be a guy with a decent engine.
I'd love to see Astana go full nomadic steppe horde mode.
That seems like such a random transfer.

A few years ago he was seen as the next big Androni thing after Bernal and Sosa. I don't think Gazprom has ever worked out for a rider as a place to be to make a big step forward apart from Vlasov.
Zakarin jumps to mind, but he's the only one. If Velasco will sign with Astana as rumoured than that would make 3 riders in all those years.
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Good signing, Conti is a quality rider.
Apparently Kevin Rivera has signed a 2 year contract with Gazprom. He had Covid during the winter and according to himself he suffered from long Covid, Bardiani on the other hand claimed that he just lacked motivation to train (the team has been pretty bad since Ciccone left).
He is based in Italy during the season and so is Gazprom. Maybe he started training with some of the Italians on that team, they told the team that he was good, they looked at his numbers (he's supposed to have a higher Vo2max than Bernal and Dani Martinez, who both have one around 90) and decided that they were good enough to try give him a chance.
I also doubt that he'll have a big salary after the last 2 years, it's a low risk signing.
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