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Yes, definitely. Or by DSM as they've a German licence.
I think DSM are a slightly different category in that their “German” official nationality isn’t centrally relevant to their project in the way it is with Bora. Bora have had a not quite officially stated but longrunning policy of signing just about every promising German or Austrian. They don‘t necessarily keep them, but they do try to get most of them.
Gazprom signed Jose Manuel Diaz, Kevin Rivera, Conci, Carboni, Andrea Piccolo, Fedeli and Malucelli.
Not a bad roster for a pct team, they should try to get a Giro wildcard.
So Piccolo is not staying with Astana after all. A bit strange to me.

I don't see this deal as surprising, in fact, if Viviani wants to focus on track, this deal makes perfect sense for both sides.

Ineos get a rider who can get them some results in the flat races, at such a GC focused team a top sprinter with a dedicated lead-out is out of the question, so Viviani is as good as they can get in these circumstances. On the other hand, Viviani gets a team where there won't be too much pressure on him to deliver on the road so he can focus on the track a bit.
Plus, we tend to forget Viviani was good even before riding for QS.
He won a sh*tload of races in his final year with Sky after Rio.
I understand that Ineos will support, Viviani's track commitments BUT he must have got a promise that he could ride one GT peryear.
Yes I will expect to see him at the Giro or Vuelta. He has consistently been doing the Giro almost every year, but the Vuelta seems to be having more opportunities for sprinters these days. Might depend on track calendar and INEOS expectations, which might also favour Vuelta.
Rally has signed two very promising US juniors.

Both of them have road and track experience, where Schmidt is the most accomplished one with a bronze, a silver and a gold meldal from this years junior track WC as well as her second place behind Zoe Bäckstedt in the RR in Leuven (where MacPherson finished 5th). She's also competed in both CX and MTB (which her father also does). On top of that she used to do freestyle skiing before she fully committed to a career in cycling.

Her and MacPherson will most likely also join the list of WWT riders, who are shorter than RedheadDane.

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At least there is a list of WWT riders, who are shorter than me. The list of WT riders, who are shorter than me is exactly none! And has been so since S. Dumoulin retired. (And Pidcock's weirdly flunctuating height finally settled at 1.70M)
If Schmid is actually only 1.45, then you definitely don't have to worry too much about her even if she should hit a very late growth spurt. She will of course still be a way faster cyclist than you.
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Now you all get to watch me wrestle with cognitive dissonance as my love for diminutive grimpeurs and grimpeuses steps into the octagon to face my distaste for freestyle skiing, which is also likely to be in strong form this season as it's an Olympic year.
Honestly, most Freestlye skiers (and many freeriders too) are actually poor skiers from a technical standpoint. It's gymnastics on skis, but they aren't good skiers.
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Lorenzo Milesi has signed with the Development Team DSM for 2 years.
His first year in the u23 ranks wasn't that impressive, but he only started cycling at the age of 16 (he has a football background), he should have lots of room to improve and a very professional u23 team should help him. The guy came 2nd in the Italian MJ ITT as a first year junior rider in 2019, after racing for only 15 months he finished ahead of Tiberi in that TT. In the u23 Giro he crashed early on, but at the end of the race he got better and better after multiple mountain stages in a row, so his recovery seems to be fine. In 2020 he was 3rd in the MJ EC ITT.
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