Teams & Riders The Great Big Transfers and Rumours Thread

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So EF already lost 5 riders.

That means they will need to sign at least two new riders unless UCI will lower the minimum number of riders in the team which has been 27 for WT teams.

Maybe they'll announce some new riders in January or somewhen.
Don't worry, Nippo will sign with him and Vaughters will destroy another team in order to save his, just like he did with Drapac.
Jokes aside, Nakane is by far the best Japanese rider who's competing under the Nippo banner. He's a sprinter/fast guy who climbs really well. 6th on gc in the Tour de Langkawi this year and 6th in the Japan Cup last year, ahead of guys like Powless and Gesink.
He's competitive at PCT level and if he's the guy that you're sending to the smaller Asian races for the sponsors it's a good option. Of course it's different if he ends up being the token Japanese rider that they bring to the Tour for the sponsor, but overall he's a good rider.
Rumour: Valgren to EF.

That would be the best possible transfer for him in my book, with his old teammate Breschel as the DS :cool:

I’d like to see him, Bettiol and Cort do the Ardennes classics together.... Maybe even bring Carthy along.
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EF are going to sign someone good. :openmouth:

It makes sense, though, doesn't it? Nippo is set to join as a co-sponsor and they've lost so many riders on presumably high contracts and were even compensated for Martinez, so they should have some money left.

I was hoping for this all along since it was announced that NTT would quit, although recently I was rooting more for climbing-focused signigs and was disappointed to read that O'Connor and Mader have signed elsewhere but I would definetely welcome Valgren.
Though with him, Cort, Bettiol and Bissegger it seems like a bit heavy on similar type of riders while lacking in other departments. Maybe they've been inspired by Sunweb who had a great TdF with a bunch of similar type of riders as well. :p