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Seems to be a done deal. Apparently the only reason why it did not happen in 2020 was because Lefevere was asking for too much money.

A bloody shame really. I trully believe DQS is a great fit for him.

Besides, when was the last time a guy left DQS and improved?
Uran, Schachmann, Mas, Narvaez, Dan Martin his first year Uae and First year Israel. Brambilla did good to in other teams. Laurens De Plus to.
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Knox is never going to get near a GT win on any team...
I bet the same would have been said of many other eventual GT winners at some point.

Btw. Almeida to UAE is about 2022, maybe time to start a new thread for 2022 (I won't open it because I have nothing to say about 2022 transfers)? Or rename this to simply "Transfers and Rumours" so we don't have to start a new one every year. :p
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there is just ONE transfer for 2022 I hope happens. the Pinarello-piloted transfer of Nibs to Ineos. if it happens I´ll have to write a post longer than Libertine´s average, because that transfer would touch every bit of pro cycling narrative of the last 10 years. and it would be just beautiful
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Oct 21, 2020
Talking about Almeida, do you think yesterday´s overtaking by Ala´s will solidify his decision to change team? I hope he stays but could imagine a young rider on the fence thinking "thats it, i aint having any more of that" even though Ala really didnt have a choice.

edit: have anyone seen a comment from him after the race?
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He was not going to win the stage either way.
Also: Almeida is gone all right. Certainly not because he saw his teammate win when he was so close.
The minute his agents deadline of the end of February struck, people inside the peloton told media he had an offer from UAE. Before that deadline there were rumours of UAE being "interested".
Again, if you ask me that deal has been made for a whole while. That February deadline makes no sense anyway. If an interested team loses interest this early in the year, its because they weren't as interested in your rider to begin with. And it's not the teams that look to have their budget/riders collective set this much in advance, more so agents who shop their riders all the time.
And again, I hope i'm wrong. Joao Correa is a good dude. Not they type you'd expect to play games.
Dec 22, 2020
This is a list of their best placed rider in every race they've competed in this season:
  • Etoile de Besseges: Michael Gogl (27 years old)
  • Tour de la Provence: Fabio Aru (30)
  • Clasica de Almeria: Giacomo Nizzolo (32)
  • Tour des Alpes Maritimes et du Var: Sander Armée (35)
And barring crashes or COVID outbreaks or asteroids hitting the middle east I'm pretty confident their best placed rider in the UAE Tour will be Pozzovivo (38).
Ok and you are impressed? I am not, If you look on the race they have now it can not be pay back for exampel Fabio Aru I think have big monthly check.

Lefevere "Bora boss wants to take over DQS"
Seems to be a done deal. Apparently the only reason why it did not happen in 2020 was because Lefevere was asking for too much money.

A bloody shame really. I trully believe DQS is a great fit for him.

Besides, when was the last time a guy left DQS and improved?
A guy on Twitter, who i know as a manager of some big WT riders and connections at UAE said the story had to be ***, considerring he hadn't heard anything from within UAE, which he thought to be virtually impossible.

Take it as you will.
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Denk comment on Lefevere:

In his already infamous column in the daily newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, in which he devotes himself - also very provocatively - to various cycling topics, Patrick Lefevere recently published that Bora - hansgrohe was interested in its star Remco Evenepoel and was allegedly also prepared to buy the entire Deceunick - Quick-Step team for it.

It is not new that the Belgian world-class team has had difficulty finding sponsors for the next season for years. Last month, Lefevere announced that the contracts of 26 riders would expire at the end of the season. Only Yves Lampaert, Mauri Vansevenant, Julian Alaphilippe and Remco Evenepoel would have options until 2024, and the team manager now claimed that the hunt for his riders had begun. "The self-proclaimed king of the hunt is Ralph Denk from Bora - hansgrohe. He sends contract proposals to my riders on official letterhead from his team," Lefevere claimed in the column, in which he asked: "Is this legal? Maybe, but it's certainly not morally okay!"

Lefevere described a meeting with Denk in January at a 4-star hotel in Brussels, where the German is said to have asked about the price of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step takeover. "He explained that Willi Bruckbauer, the company boss of Bora, really wanted to take over Remco. The easiest way would apparently be to buy the whole team. He was serious," said Lefevere, "because he also wanted to know what role I could still play in this construction. "

Denk vehemently disagrees

Ralph Denk vehemently contradicted this account. In a statement to, the team manager of Bora - hansgrohe wrote: "If Patrick wants to build up pressure towards his sponsors through such stories, then that can be a strategy. If you spread untruths in the process in order to use them to show yourself off in the media, then that's not gentlemanly in any case."

Instead, the obviously upset Denk stressed, "It is true that we have spoken. I wanted to know how his team was doing and he meant badly. Then I asked what would happen to Remco if Deceuninck - Quick-Step were to close down, and he told me about his option and held it out with two more riders. Buying the team was never an issue and is completely uninteresting. What is a team worth that has no rider or sponsor contracts? We already have a successful team with Bora - hansgrohe, where we are planning for the long term."

Lefevere also affirmed in his column that he was not thinking of giving up. "My goal is to keep the team going myself. I am talking to my sponsors about it. The deadline I am thinking of today is 31 March." The Belgian added that he had promised Denk that he would be the first to inform him if he did not find new backers, only to add a final tip: "But it turns out that patience is not Mr Denk's greatest virtue. "

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It just can't be that DQS has problems to find a sponsor. It must be that he doesn't find sponsors willing to pay what he wants.
Obviously they are doing a lot of things right at that team, and have been for a long time. They may not have the riders under contract, but if there's one team who doesn't rely on certain riders, it's them. Sponsors can't be so stupid to sponsor other cycling teams, but not this one. Several teams have thought they could just buy the best Quickstep-riders, and more often than not it was a disappointment to disaster.
Or maybe it's just really tough work to have to talk to PL regularly... I would get that...
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considering most of exposure for sponsors is in tour de france, its probably a conundrum how much money do you want to spend on team like DQS, because they dont have a clear GC rider (and Almeida who showed up from nowhere anyway could leave as well) so its basically bennett and alaphillippe, im not sure how much is a sprinter worth, alaphillippe obviously french that helps but also isnt on every day sooo

but it can be as easy as to have a really big sponsor, PL would have to give up certain powers and he doesnt want to, its gonna be interesting in the future because if evenepoel becomes great somebody will offer him a tonne of money, UAE is already drilling another hole in the ground so they can pay pogacar for next 15 years