The Is Marc Soler the Next Great Spanish Climber Thread

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If you can prove that UAE didn't took 42s from Soler, i.e., that he himself didn't fade like he always does, that could arguably be discussed.
I already explained to you in the Catalunya topic, that doesn't even matter. They chased him. There was no reason to other than trying to screw him out of a podium spot for Almeida. If you want to believe he was going to lose enough time anyway, then there was even less reason to chase, because there was no other rider to chase anymore. Only Evenepoel and Roglic were ahead and even catching them, wasn't going to matter.
That matters because it goes against the narrative that Soler just lost 3rd place because of UAE. Which is just plain false.

But if that's your take, I just to want to add that he had it coming. If you are careless about your team mates, why shouldn't they? Being screwed over contains an element of surprise on the basis of there being an agreement that is broken. Soler plays his own game with his own rules, so being "screwed" doesn't even apply.