Teams & Riders The Jonas Vingegaard is not Chris Harper thread

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I'm not a re(a)dhead, but I definitely need to use it heavily to avoid sunburn.

But I think Vingegaard spends enough time in sunny weather during the season, that he and JV must know how to protect him properly. But wearing black in the Tour might not be the smartest.
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Kuss might be stronger on the steep MTF. But on a stage like today, 100% from the start, up and down the whole day, I'm taking Vingegaard over Kuss and it's not close.

Definitely needs to be in the TDF roster. Some rest now and then build towards July.
Yes, Jonas is a more versatile rider and is going to be a better asset for up-and-down and flat stage sections. He also had a great TT in stage 1. (I would still want Kuss for high mountain stages, though Vingegaard could be strong there, as well.)
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