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The Leader of Astana is...

Who is the leader of Astana

  • Alberto Contador

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Jul 3, 2009
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I think it is funny. With all the talk about Astana's leader and the lack of excitement in the route we are being treated to EXACTLY what ASO wanted. Lance and Alberto are content (and Astana is strong enough) to let this be decided on the slopes of Ventoux. I think the idea was to have several riders from different teams within a minute of each other for the Ventoux stage. It looks like Astana can (largely) ride together as a group and bring their TWO riders to the foot of the mountain separated by less than a minute and clear of the rest of the competition. That being said, NOONE on the planet can beat Alberto. If he is within 60 seconds of the lead at the bottom, hang on, because he is going to hit you and hit you and hit you until you break and then just blow you away once there is a gap.
Look for this question to be answered a little at Verbier, a little at Annecy, but not completely until the top of Ventoux.