The Lesser Known Women's Road Racing Thread 2023

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I certainly wouldn't mind commentary-less or with local announcers (where available), but I know some people that would. People who've been following women's cycling for many years have dealt with some strange commentary before, mark my words. I think the US race where we essentially got the audio of the announcer yelling what was happening to the crowd at ear-splitting volume or the Finnish stage race where the only camera was on the bike following the back of the péloton so we just had to take the commentator's word for what was happening - except it was in Finnish - take the cake.
Early feed with no/race-local commentating for us nerds, and then on regular TV/streaming devices with commentators people can actually understand.
I mean, I think it's no secret that I would probably watch a race in Klingon if that was what was available.

("was what was"... how is that even (part of) a sentence? English, you're drunk!)
There's unfortunately not any live pictures form the Thüringen Ladies Tour, but there is livetiming:

A pretty strong group consisting of Deignan, Fahlin, Henderson, Demey, Ryan, Lippert, Koppenburg, Teruel, Hammes and Pieters are in front. Considering that almost every team has a rider in that group, it could stay away.

GCN will show highlights from the race, and MDR will do the same, and I don't think their stream is geo-restricted:
Norsgaard took it in front of Brand, Kopecky, Henderson, Pieters, Cromwell and Lippert. The rest lost some seconds during the final.

Wiebes beat birthday girl Cecchini in what was left of the peloton, 1:02 behind the front group.
I should definitely have picked one of the Trek riders.

The highlight broadcast was good. Luckily the cobbles in Schmölln weren't wet, cause otherwise there could have been some crashes.
Schmölln looks like a pretty little city, but it's probably not as beautiful as Gotha, which I have visited once.
I'm not sure the gaps are accurate, but there were definitely space between the riders.
Impressive sprint by Wiebes (I don't know why she was wearing red, though. Edit: The youth jersey is red). Norsgaard also lost an intermediate sprint for second to Lippert earlier on.

Highlights at 19:15:

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What are requirements for gaps under 3 seconds not counting in a mass sprint?

I can see why it's not the case here, but just wondering in general.

In this instance there was a crash inside the final kilometer, where Tiffany Cromwell ended up on the wrong side of a barrier, but luckily she landed on grass, while her teammate Neve Bradbury and/or Ella Harris hit the tarmac, but they appear to be unhurt.
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Brand dropped Lippert before the line and held on to win in front of Norsgaard and Kopecky.

So... just went to check Norsgaard's page on FirstCycling, and... why is she tilting?

They are clearly using the same picture as PCS, so I don't know why they have done that. They haven't done it with any of her teammates's pictures.

I'm really clueless when it comes to women's cycling. It irritates me so much that the categories I have for male riders don't work at all for female cyclists.
If you can both sprint and climb a bit, you're pretty much always in with a chance of winning a women's race, unless it includes a mountain or too many hills, cause then vdB and vV will probably beat you.