The Mads Pedersen is Danish and Absolutely no other Nationality Thread

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22.09 again today and like last year he won on this date.

Really strong performance today. If only he would be more consistent. On a good day he can ride with the very best and is a monster on the flat, while he completely disappears on other days. He is still young and i hope that he can improve a bit in this regard.
I can only quote this post, even if it was a slightly more important win than GP d'Isbergues today
I think it will be really hard for him to "win big" in the WC jersey. His biggest strength is his endurance. He doesn't/can't really follow the important attacks of the worlds best riders (yet). Therefore he always jumps before the big favourites make their move and ride up to him (happened today, happened at Vlaanderen). Then it is nearly impossible to drop him. This will be hard to do in the WC jersey as a marked rider.

"Winning the world title would change a lot for every guy who has been a world champion, and so it will change a lot for me also," Pedersen said. "I'm finished with playing the underdog. That will be impossible from now on. That's a new situation for me to be in. I'll have to race in a new way from now on."
Like i said.
In 2013, Van der Poel and Pedersen dominated the junior scene between them, with the Dutch gaining the Worlds in Firenze 3 seconds ahead of Mads, who finished second.

Now, 6 years later, with everyone looking for Van der Poel, it was the Dane who came first on the line and finally showed the potential he was promising since his junior years.

Looking forward to see him in the rainbow jersey next year. Last year, in MTB, Kate Courtney was a surprise winner of the women's race and stepped up her level to be one of the dominants of this season. Let's see if Mads does the same and establishes himself as a dominant force in the classics.
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That’s what I was getting at with my Freire comparison above. Some World Champions win it late in their career, and we can say “Valverde deserves that.” Some win it at their peak and we can say “Sagan is the best in the world, so that’s a worthy champion.” And some, like Freire or Kwiatkowski, win it very early in their career and we kind of have to wait and see if he will merit the jersey.

And it’s a strange thing about this one single one-day race that we would make this comparison, because there are one-off winners of all the other classics, but we’re happy for them to be one-off winners. But this one comes with a jersey and a title and a bit of trim that the rider gets to wear for the rest of his career, so there’s a bit more expectation.
Normally I don't like it when someone wins the world title after being nowhere most of the year, but he's young, and the future will tell what he's really worth. Our lists of favourites turned out te be wrothless once again. I saw him as the fourth or fifth Danish rider.

It's surprising how often the world title is won by someone who has never won a monument.

World champions who have never won a monument:

1997 Brochard
2003 Astarloa
2009 Evans
2010 Hushovd
2013 Costa
2019 Pedersen

World champions who have won their first monument afterwards:

1998 Camenzind
1999 Freire
2001 Freire
2014 Kwiatkowski
2015 Sagan
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