Teams & Riders The "MVP" Mathieu Van der Poel Road Discussion Thread

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Crappy year, stressed because he's in a hurry as he's getting old. Two weeks rest at home when he was injured made him very frustrated. And he knows no other world than cycling.

There's gotta be a ton of pent up frustration and pressure and there's no wonder it boils over.

That's my point. He's been on my radar for some time in regards to mental health.

Not judging, just watching with empathy.
Good Lord. Hilarious. Nice that you are concerned, but I think MVDP is probably fine in terms of his "mental health". I know "mental health" is a big thing these days, but it's not as if he had to charge the beach at Normandy this year. For a freakishly talented and driven person who's probably won more elite level pro bike races than anyone in the world over the past 7 years or so, he seems to be pretty humble and respectful to his family and other people - and pretty happy with lot in life. My guess is you wouldn't have caught him banging on hotel doors back when he was winning world titles at 13. The guy makes millions doing what he loves. He was put in a very bad position and obviously had a very bad lapse of judgement. Happens to the best of us. And BTW, he did win the biggest bike race of the year for someone of his ilk. Maybe the only bike racer in history talented and mentally tough enough (dug pretty damn deep vs. Pog on the Paterberg) to have a Flanders winning year classified as "crappy".
Jesus, the girls deserved a few slaps from their father instead of him trying to capitalize on it. This is the worst exemple of parents I have seen in a while. Great lesson for the kids, they will become insufferable brats. And I am not even a fan of MVDP.
If this is the worst example of parenting you’ve seen in a while then that’s concerning, the girls were knocking on doors which might be annoying but it’s not like they were smoking meth and breaking into houses, more likely than not the girls will grow out of this behaviour.