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Even if he is training properly he must reinforce the muscles around his body. Because he would be weak and in danger of crashing again. So I's say that not only is his stamina that is an issue but the strength of his body. IMHO.
Assuming his recovery is being closely monitored by the relevant experts, I would be surprised if Egan's musculoskeletal strength would not be recovered before his stamina and aerobic fitness.
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Really? Did VDP have the necessary racing in his legs to podium his first race of the season in a monument?
VDP did not reportedly crash into a parked bus at 60 kph. I find it shocking, to say the least, that he is even pedaling again, let alone training to return to World Tour competition. Evidently there are two states of multiple broken bones and a punctured lung between mere mortals and elite cyclists on Ineos. Naturally I am happy he is well, but the whole affair is a mystery.
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I can’t wait for this young man to get on the road, certainly when that day comes this/next year is a monumental day for cyclists in the future if they suffer the same injuries, that there’s hope they can come back, because Egan did it.