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Good ride, he is looking strong. His team is better than in the Giro, at least to date. He doesn't need to attack right now with the TT coming up. There is a Long way to go, I don't want him in the Rojo to early. Considering a crash and 40 second time loss in Stage 1 he is sitting pretty :).
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Great showing from Primoz today. He is clearly stronger on the climbs than he was in the Giro. He is also more serene in the interviews and looks overall more relaxed. Good signs.
Indeed, but it's not just that. This Vuelta suits him buch better also. No real high mountain stages apart from the one in Andorra, which is still a joke compared to the toughest Giro stages.

The rest is pretty much medium mountain territory, as well as an ITT. Add in a few muritos and you pretty much have a route that's tailor-made for Roglic.
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Great performance by Roglič and his team on stage 7. The team took Roglič as far as they could and after Roglič, Quintana, Valverde and López demonstrated, on why one of them will likely win overall this year. Quintana did most of the attacking and it was Roglič most of the time taking the initiative to responding or push ahead. For a while López looked like he isn't struggling at all. But at the end, that turned out not to be true, López did struggle today. Valverde took the win, but i feel that Roglič was OK with that. In addition i am happy Roglič isn't wearing red jersey, just yet.
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He is doing the right thing, preserving energy. Plus he doesn't want red jersey in the first week. But on Sunday that changes. I think he might get more agressive on the Andorra stage. Be it for stage win or time gain only. But since monday is a rest day and he will probably be in red after the TT anyway, he might as well go for in on Sunday. Starting in the TT behind Lopez might be nice. Having a target on the road to catch :eek:
To me, the big unknown is, what happens after ITT. If everything goes according to the plan, and if Roglič and his team stay healthy, red jersey and some time advantage should accumulate. But after ITT, still long way to go. In the past years i feel that Roglič was not all that experienced, to deal with that, but on the other hand i have a feeling this year that is about to change!
Roglic is just waiting for the time trial. He did the same in the giro and he lost
The circunstances are clearly different. In the Giro his team was much weaker and he had unexpected situations that he wasn't expecting like the bike change or the crash.
Ultimately Carapaz was the strongest in the Giro and deserved his win, here I don't see anyone better than Roglic and with time trial ahead he should conserve energy unless he is feeling really strong (don't forget he already attacked on stage 2).
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Half the big mountain finishes have come and gone, and he's finished s.t. with Valverde every time while putting time into Quintana and Lopez.

Lopez could well be the best climber in the race on the big climbs, but he has nothing to show for it and he has like 2 stages left that are good for him. Valverde was struggling yesterday and lucky to not lose anything more than bonifications.

I expect him to smash the ITT tomorrow.

Roglic leading woudl probably also mean madness and stupidity on the final mountain stages, but I don't think they're hard enough.
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